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The canonisation ceremony will be held on 14 October. Paul VI – who beatified the young worker on 1 December 1963 during the Council - and Mgr Romero will be canonised on the same day, as will Fr Francesco Spinelli, founder of the Institute of the Adorers Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament; Fr Vincenzo Romano, and Sister Maria Caterina Kasper, foundress of the Institute of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.


Police went to the house of party founder Andy Chan, who has 21 days to justify why it should not be banned. The decision is based on an ordinance adopted in the 1990s that bans associations that undermine public order.

| 19/07/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

Mgr Agus praised the courage of the young women to say "yes" to religious life and expressed his "gratitude". Five of them became postulants and three novices at the house of Saint Therese of Lisieux. In St Anthony convent, two sisters took perpetual vows whilst 19 novices took temporary ones.

| 19/07/2018

The new law legitimises the settlements, “a national interest to be encouraged”. Twenty per cent of Israel’s population is Arab.

| 19/07/2018

Under the state of emergency, tens of thousands of people were arrested or dismissed from their jobs. Opposition parties believe Erdogan wants to prolong its effects with an “anti-terrorism” bill. Court rejects the request of release submitted for HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş.

| 19/07/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Patriarch of Moscow led a pilgrimage to the sites where the tsar and his family were murdered. The revolution is rooted in western ideas of progress and well-being. Like Dostoevsky, Kirill calls for the rejection of “temptations coming from abroad".

| 18/07/2018
by Pierre Balanian

People face water and power shortages as well as high unemployment with temperatures topping 45 degrees. Abadi, who had to get out of Basra through the backdoor, is under threat. Given power shortages, he has turned to Saudi Arabia after Iran turned off the switch because of Iraq’s failure to pay its bills. Meanwhile, Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani has given his blessing to the protest movement.

| 18/07/2018
Editor's choices
by Suor Mary Prema

The disappearance of a child who was sold has "nothing to do with the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity". The nuns are victims of "many myths [. . .] information distorted and false news” as well as “baseless innuendo". Sr Prema gives her version of events and defends her congregation. Only two weeks before, the authorities described the children’s home involved as an “excellent environment for the care of children”. Now they have been taken by social services.

| 17/07/2018
by Shafique Khokhar

Many Pakistanis are in Rome for the official celebration of his elevation. Political leaders, members of civil society groups and community leaders appreciate him. “He is a leader who has lived through the different and tormented phases of Pakistani history,” said one observer. He “is a strong voice for minorities in Pakistan,” said another.

| 29/06/2018

On the solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul, Pope Francis blessed the palliums for the metropolitan archbishops appointed during the year (including three from Asia). He prayed together with the delegate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople at the tomb of Peter. “We too have been brought back to life, healed, renewed and filled with hope by the anointing of the Holy One,” he said. “Like Peter, we [. . .] will always be tempted to hear those “whisperings” of the evil One, which will become a stumbling stone for the mission." He warned against "empty forms of triumphalism". Meanwhile, “millions of people continue to ask the question: “Are you he who is to come, or shall we look for another?

| 29/06/2018

Pope Francis is hopeful about relations with China, which are not just based on diplomatic talks but also on cultural exchanges and friendship. For him, Card Zen is "a little scared".

| 20/06/2018
Eruzione Monte Merapi 11/05/2018 - 03
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