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"The gravity of these phenomena cannot leave us indifferent. We are all called, in our respective roles, to cultivate and promote respect for the intrinsic dignity of every human person, starting from the family – the place where we learn from a tender age the values ​​of sharing, acceptance, fraternity and solidarity - but also in the various social contexts in which we operate ".

by Mathias Hariyadi

The meeting attracted 174 priests from seven administrative units in Java, home to 557 of Indonesia’s 2,242 diocesan priests. For Fr Paulus Christian Siswantoko, president of Unio Indonesia, "The aim of this initiative is to create a 'new habitus' in society, including the Catholic community".

| 20/09/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is on the “homestretch” to the Tomos, the decree that recognises its independence from the Russian Patriarchate. Now Belarus too is seeking the same right from Constantinople. The declaration of the Moscow Synod on 14 September suspending Eucharistic communion with Constantinople was met with the stony silence of the other 13 canonical Orthodox Churches.

| 20/09/2018

"The Church, when it journeys through history, is persecuted by hypocrites: hypocrites within and without. The devil has nothing to do with repentant sinners, because they look upon God and say, “Lord, I am a sinner, help me!” And the devil is impotent".

| 20/09/2018

The nun was ordered to leave the Philippines for allegedly taking part in political activities against President Rodrigo Duterte. At present, she is awaiting a decision by the Justice Department on her appeal.

| 20/09/2018

The traditional Kokki no Gi ceremony, the second of a long series, was held yesterday with the betrothed agreeing on the wedding date of 29 October. The groom is an advocate for children in developing countries. When she enters her new home, the princess will do so as a commoner.

| 20/09/2018

The victim is only 15 years old, Moamen Ibrahim Abu Eyada. He was hit by a bullet in the eastern sector of Rafah, in the south of the Strip. At least 184 Palestinian demonstrators have died since the end of March. Israel speaks of "troublemakers" who ignite tires and launch stones and incendiary bombs.

| 20/09/2018
Editor's choices
by Fr Stanislaus

A priest in charge of a Henan parish complains about the ban on displaying sacred images and attempts by the faithful to accommodate government authorities. The faith cannot be abandoned or betrayed, nor can it be negotiated. What cannot be asserted or defended in public is not faith.

| 05/09/2018
by Wang Zhicheng

In Shanghai the "basic values ​​of socialism" are exalted on the pediment of the church. A painting of the Last Supper removed in Henan. Communities forced to sing patriotic hymns. Shaolin Monastery in Shaoshan must hold a flag-raising ceremony every morning. "The churches seem more and more like government offices".

| 28/08/2018

Those with "strong religious beliefs" must be re-educated or expelled. Spreading "political rumours" and distorting the country’s history are banned.

| 27/08/2018
by Franco Pisano

At the end of the trip to Ireland, Francis renews his appeal for forgiveness for the abuses committed by people in the Church. But a dossier by the former nuncio in the US accuses him of covering the misdeeds of former Cardinal McCarrick and calls for him to resign.

| 27/08/2018
Avanza la sinicizzazione: la croce di una chiesa protestante bruciata ad Anyang
Qianwang Church demolished 2
Qianwang Church demolished
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