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Imran Khan breaks with his predecessors. About 1.4 million Afghan refugees and 200,000 Bangladeshis live in the country. Pakistan law grants citizenship to anyone born in the country, except the children of diplomats, “enemy aliens” and people who left territories that became part of Pakistan in 1947.


More products will be subject to 10 per cent tariffs starting 24 September, which will increase to 25 per cent by the end of the year. Apple products are excluded.

| 18/09/2018

Elon Musk's SpaceX made the announcement yesterday. Yusaku Maezawa, 42, is expected to travel to the moon in 2023. He plans to bring painters, sculptors and other artists.

| 18/09/2018
by Melani Manel Perera

The event is called "EvalColombo 2018" and ends tomorrow. 150 parliamentarians from all over the world are participating, as well as experts on evaluation policies, interest groups and members of civil society.

| 18/09/2018

The anti-aircraft system went into action yesterday evening to intercept a series of "hostile" missiles. The target was the local Agency of technical industries, a power plant and an aluminum factory. A Russian vehicle with 14 soldiers on board was involved in the gun battle. Moscow and Ankara sign a pact to avoid the offensive on Idlib and a massacre of civilians.

| 18/09/2018

About 40 people are still trapped in the landslide. Mangkhut, the most powerful storm in 2018, has destroyed homes and flooded important agricultural regions in the northern Philippines. Also hit Hong Kong and southern China.

| 18/09/2018

It is the third meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas in a few months. It will last three days: the two will meet seven or eight times. The first official appointment is at 15.30. 200 people join Moon, including the magnates of Samsung, SK, LG, Hyunday and k-pop celebrities.

| 18/09/2018
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by Fr Stanislaus

A priest in charge of a Henan parish complains about the ban on displaying sacred images and attempts by the faithful to accommodate government authorities. The faith cannot be abandoned or betrayed, nor can it be negotiated. What cannot be asserted or defended in public is not faith.

| 05/09/2018
by Wang Zhicheng

In Shanghai the "basic values ​​of socialism" are exalted on the pediment of the church. A painting of the Last Supper removed in Henan. Communities forced to sing patriotic hymns. Shaolin Monastery in Shaoshan must hold a flag-raising ceremony every morning. "The churches seem more and more like government offices".

| 28/08/2018

Those with "strong religious beliefs" must be re-educated or expelled. Spreading "political rumours" and distorting the country’s history are banned.

| 27/08/2018
by Franco Pisano

At the end of the trip to Ireland, Francis renews his appeal for forgiveness for the abuses committed by people in the Church. But a dossier by the former nuncio in the US accuses him of covering the misdeeds of former Cardinal McCarrick and calls for him to resign.

| 27/08/2018
Avanza la sinicizzazione: la croce di una chiesa protestante bruciata ad Anyang
Qianwang Church demolished 2
Qianwang Church demolished
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