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by Bernardo Cervellera | VATICAN-ASIA

The gathering held today will hear testimonies from Iraq, China, Cambodia, Brazil, and Hong Kong. A contribution to the Synod on Youth taking place in the Vatican. Overcoming a sociological and political view of the world of young people. Faith in Jesus Christ and the company of adult missionaries a path to exalt the qualities of young people and lead them to become builders of a new society.

by Ruohan Shen Fu

In his intervention at the Symposium and the Synod on Youth, a priest from central China paints the picture of evangelizing young people in China: the urbanization of migrants, who distance themselves from the faith; rural churches that are empty; the "confusion" city life Parents are true catechists.

| 16/10/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

For the Patriarchal Synod of Moscow, it is a "forced decision" after the recognition of the "schismatics" (ie Filaret of Kiev, of the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church). Also Putin and his Security Council worried about the tensions between Orthodox of Russian obedience and of Kiev in Ukraine.

| 16/10/2018
by Fady Noun

In the digital era, Lebanon has gone from being a crossroads to an antenna. Its cultural and religious mix make it a conductor par excellence, sensitive to cultural and social trends. The Synod is a school to elaborate a universal language capable of overcoming geographical and generational boundaries. The poor and needy are an inexhaustible treasure of the Church.

| 15/10/2018
by Melani Manel Perera

The Association of Prefects of the Holy Family Convent is behind the initiative. The goal is to guide young people using the tools they use the most: social media. The videos will address various issues, like teen pregnancies, drug addiction and the role of parents.

| 15/10/2018

Lee Hae-chan, chairman of South Korea’s Democratic Party, is quoted saying that a visit might be possible. It would the first by a pope to North Korea. South Korea’s Catholic Church is in favour of the initiative but also call for an improvement in freedom of religion in the North.

| 15/10/2018
by U Zaw Zaw

It is not enough to rely on international reports. People want to build a “future and an identity” after 60 years of dictatorship and isolation. Education, integration and training can change the lives of young people through “a job or a profession”.

| 15/10/2018
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The Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops writes an open letter to the former nuncio to Washington.  In it, he describes the former nuncio’s accusations as a baseless “political manoeuvre”. “I cannot understand how you could have allowed yourself to be convinced of this monstrous accusation which has no standing,” he writes.

| 07/10/2018

Chinese faithful, official and underground communities, express their feelings about the present and the future of the Sino-Vatican provisional agreement. Many ask for the publication of the agreement document; others that bishops held  in prison are freed and that the unofficial bishops are recognized by the government. The fear that China will belittle the Vatican. Fidelity to the Pope and to the unity of the Church, but concern for the rise in "collaborator" bishops.

| 24/09/2018
by Bernardo Cervellera

For the optimists the provisional agreement is "historic"; for the pessimists it is the beginning of the total sell out of the Church to the Party. The Pope is involved in naming bishops. But we know nothing of a right of veto. The lifting of excommunications is good, but the faithful expect a public request for forgiveness. China has not asked for a break with Taiwan as a prior condition. Praise for Lithuanian martyrs, amid silence on the Chinese ones.

| 24/09/2018
by Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun



| 22/09/2018
New Humanity Myanmar
Luoyang - Cross
Tsunami a Talise Beach, Palu (Central Sulawesi)
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