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The largest inland body of water will be neither sea nor lake but will benefit from "special" status. The leaders of Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan signed the deal. Some 50 billion barrels of oil and 300 trillion cubic metres of natural gas are at stake. The sea is famous for its caviar, the roe of wild sturgeons.


“If true, this has disturbing national security implications”, MP wrote on twitter. Many want the government to clarify the matter, worried that financial sovereignty is shared with China, with which India almost clashed over the Doklam plateau.

| 14/08/2018
by Kamran Chaudhry

Today the 71st anniversary of Independence from the British Empire is celebrated. The Church publishes messages in the media. Imran Khan will be sworn in as prime minister on 18 August. Priest: "The dream of the founder Jinnah will not be realized until religious minorities become an integral part of national politics".


| 14/08/2018

The crowd at the funeral of the 40 minors who were victims of the Saudi attack chanted slogans against Riyadh, the United States and Israel. The coffins of the victims wrapped in green cloths, symbol of Islam. Minister of the Emirates justifies the use of force. The UN Secretary General hopes for an independent investigation.


| 14/08/2018

Ghazni is now a "ghost town". Water, electricity and communications cut off. The government assures: "The city will not fall". Military base in the north of the country also taken.

| 14/08/2018

At the rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday, where Palestinian and Israeli flags were waved, those present felt hope. For the director of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, “Israelis, Arabs, Jews and Palestinians” can work for “the same purpose and stand together”. Likewise, “The Jews and Arabs who participated [in the rally] saw the notion of state reflected in the event, a state that is inclusive of all its citizens,” said Bernard Sabella.

| 13/08/2018

Yesterday, the member Churches of the Evangelical Fellowship of India held gatherings across the country. They believe that together they can change the situation. The event comes at a crucial time in the country’s history, marked episodes of violence and discrimination against minorities.

| 13/08/2018
Editor's choices
by Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

Cross and inscription "Catholic Church" removed from church facade. The ban on holding summer youth camps for catechism. Meanwhile, the vaccine scandal breaks out, a sign of a lack of moral values in Chinese society. Vaccinating young people in the spirit, helping them discover their faith, would help Chinese society. The considerations of a priest blogger.

| 06/08/2018
by Suor Mary Prema

The disappearance of a child who was sold has "nothing to do with the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity". The nuns are victims of "many myths [. . .] information distorted and false news” as well as “baseless innuendo". Sr Prema gives her version of events and defends her congregation. Only two weeks before, the authorities described the children’s home involved as an “excellent environment for the care of children”. Now they have been taken by social services.

| 17/07/2018
Mons. Coutts, futuro cardinale: In Pakistan non sono tutti barbari e terroristi
Henan: Chiese demolite, tombe divelte, asili chiusi
Shandong, per motivi ‘urbanistici’, demolita con la forza una chiesa ufficiale a Liangwang
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