by Sumon Corraya

The charity is working in the camp near Cox's Bazar with 200 volunteers. Every day it feeds 46,000 refugees. It has installed 250 solar panels and built 12,000 small houses. The Bangladeshi government wants to move 150,000 people to Vasanchor but the Rohingya “want to stay together".

| 21/06/2018

On a visit to the Ecumenical Center of the World Council of Churches, Francis invites those present to help overcome past grievances and the interests of our. " Our differences must not be excuses. Even now we can walk in the Spirit: we can pray, evangelize and serve together. This is possible and it is pleasing to God! Walking, praying and working together: this is the great path that we are called to follow today".

| 21/06/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

The search for at least 192 missing people continues. Overcrowding, strong winds and two-metre high waves sank the KM Sinar Bangun. The authorities are speaking to witnesses and relatives to determine the exact number of passengers. At least three people are confirmed dead; 18 survivors so far. A hundred motorcycles were on board.

| 21/06/2018

The provision affects dozens of products, from sunglasses to cars. An Ankara response to the US decision to impose duties on steel and aluminum. Turkish Minister: the choices of the "unbearable" and "reckless" White House. Turkey is the 32nd trade partner of the United States.


| 21/06/2018
by Nirmala Carvalho

Today is the fourth World Day of Yoga. A special event in the English House of Lords. Fr. Joe Pereira has been practicing meditation for 50 years and applies the discipline in his Kripa foundation. "Meditation and yoga have the power to help us get in touch with our true inner self".


| 21/06/2018

The country tries to be "homogeneous", but now this is no longer possible. There is no clear policy to absorb migrants and refugees. The Church's commitment to migrants.


| 21/06/2018
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Pope Francis is hopeful about relations with China, which are not just based on diplomatic talks but also on cultural exchanges and friendship. For him, Card Zen is "a little scared".

| 20/06/2018

One hundred families went back to the eastern sector of the northern metropolis. A Chaldean priest talks about reconstruction. In addition to houses, social and economic life must be rebuilt. For Muslim leaders, there is no rebirth without Christians.

| 20/06/2018

With today's signature, the two leaders commit to a lasting and stable peace on the Korean Peninsula. The deal calls for the recovering the remains of prisoners of war. Kim makes an "Unwavering commitment" to denuclearise the peninsula. Trump offers security guarantees to North Korea. China approves; France has doubts. South Koreans “hope” for peace. North Korean refugees are concerned.

| 12/06/2018
by Lawrence Jangma Gam

The civil war in the northern state has entered its seventh year. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has exceeded 150,000. Some tell of their flight from their homes and of their life in the reception facilities.

| 12/06/2018
Cristiani manifestano a Lahore e Karachi
Pakistan, un pastore protestante denuncia il clima di insicurezza tra i cristiani
Lahore, donne cristiane e musulmane chiedono uguali diritti degli uomini
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