Francis closed the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. "The cross is never in trend of fashion: today as in the past. Rather it it heals within. It is before the Crucified One that we experience a beneficial inner struggle, the bitter conflict between 'thinking according to God' and 'thinking according to men'." "The threat of anti-Semitism still lurks in Europe and elsewhere".




| 12/09/2021

A visit among peoples who "have suffered a regime repressive of faith and religious freedom". A journey of a spiritual nature to nations with political policies are far removed from the ideas of Francis, especially with regard to reception of migrants and refugees. In the Hungarian capital the closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, with the theme "All my springs are in You".


| 11/09/2021

"So many people in the world, so many, millions, who do not have the right to eat, do not have the right to education, do not have the right to work: they are the new slaves, they are those who are on the peripheries, who are exploited by everyone. Even today there is slavery: let us think about this a little. We deny these people human dignity."

| 08/09/2021

"We often think that evil comes above all from outside: from the behaviour of others, from those who think badly of us, from society". "And we spend time laying blame; but blaming others is a waste of time. One becomes angry, bitter, it keeps God out of one's heart".

| 29/08/2021

On 19-21 November, economists and entrepreneurs under 35 from around the world will meet online. More than 40 countries will be connected, with live streaming from Assisi. Some 2,000 people have registered with at least 12 link-ups to 115 countries, four hours a day plus a 24-hour marathon on the second day, and contributions from more than 20 countries.

| 27/10/2020

The meeting with the president of the German Bishops Conference, in all likelihood touched upon the assembly with "deliberative power" convoked by the Germans to address issues such as the separation of power in the Church, priestly life, women's access to ministry and to offices in the Church and sexual morality.

| 19/09/2019
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by Vladimir Rozanskij
Mgr Iosif Staneuski, former auxiliary bishop of Grodno and secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Belarus, replaces Archbishop Kandrusievich, exiled by President Lukashenko for urging the authorities to engage in dialogue with anti-government ...
| 18/09/2021
by Dario Salvi
Fr Palinuro’s ordination is scheduled for 7 December in a ceremony led by Card Sandri with his entrance in the Cathedral of Holy Spirit 11 days later. Fr Andrea Santoro’s legacy means remembering that evangelization is "a risk" to be taken ...
| 17/09/2021
Conceived in anti-Chinese terms, Trump had rejected it in 2017. Japan is skeptical. The Chinese would have to meet the pact's high standards, especially on the environment, labor rights and state-owned enterprises. Taiwan also wants to join ...
| 17/09/2021
by Dario Salvi
WHO director general is in Lebanon today and tomorrow to vet the country’s “unprecedented complex crisis”. In August, dozens of cancer patients protested in front of the UN offices. For Caritas director Fr Abboud, the basic problem ...
| 16/09/2021
Australians will be able to build nuclear submarines with US technology. The agreement includes cooperation on artificial intelligence, cyber and quantum technology. Beijing slams move as "irresponsible". Protests from France, which loses a contract ...
| 16/09/2021
by Shafique Khokhar
A Muslim man tried to kidnap Arushma Ejaz in order to convert her and force her into marriage. After a number of intimidatory and violent incidents, her mother turned to the Human Rights Focus Pakistan organisation. The police accepted the First Information ...
| 15/09/2021
Christians “are weavers of dialogue where hostility is growing; models of fraternal life where society is experiencing tension and hostility; bringers of the sweet fragrance of hospitality and solidarity where personal and collective selfishness ...
| 15/09/2021
Following an investigation by the Khmer Times, police raided a hotel-casino. A number of people were arrested and two victims released. Firearms were also found. Those arrested will be questioned after a 14-day quarantine. To avoid the crackdown, criminal ...
| 14/09/2021
Right wing Hindu nationalists molesting Christians during prayer
A woman celebrating Independence Day assaulted by nearly 400 men in Pakistan
Man vandalizing the statue of Ranjit Singh, a Sikh leader at Lahore Fort
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