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by Paul Wang | HONG KONG - CHINA

Even the day before, there were rallies without clashes or tear gas.  Jimmy Sham: Some protesters resorted to violence because they were frustrated by the government silence .  Before the rally at Victoria Park, a prayer meeting entitled "Hope in the desert", organized by the Hong Kong Office of Justice and Peace.  Another demonstration by the Civil Front for Human Rights is scheduled for 31 August.




At the Angelus, Pope Francis explains that "the fire" that Jesus came to ignite, pushes disciples "to abandon every attitude of laziness, apathy, indifference".  Christianity has spread "overcoming every division between individuals, social categories, peoples and nations".  It is urgent to live in "adoration of God" and in the "willingness to serve others".  One cannot "combine Christian life and worldliness", "superstitious practices" and "a hostile attitude to one's neighbor".


| 18/08/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

A day center in Moscow to assist 15 people contemporarily.  An exception to the ban on all non-profit organizations.  Bishop Panteleimon: Drug addicts, truly needy.  In Russia there are about 500 thousand drug addicts.



| 17/08/2019

For the experts, it is a "unique geological phenomenon" that risks disappearing. Urgent intervention to slow down the lowering of the water and the progressive loss of the coast.  Main culprits are mining companies, particularly on the Israeli side.  The request for an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations.


| 17/08/2019

The young people  come from 15 countries around the world. They are accompanied by eight missionaries, Benedictine and Salesian.  The initiative has reached its eighth edition.  Card  Yeom: "I hope you can understand how important peace is in our lives".


| 17/08/2019
by Lu Haitao

The government unleashes its propaganda machine: fake news, misinformation, ideology and patriotism.  The reasons for the demonstrations are never explained.  The official media call the protesters "rat droppings".  Chinese from the mainland posing as tourists, in reality policemen and members of the secret services.  Ban on sending helmets, umbrellas, masks, gloves to Hong Kong that demonstrators use to protect themselves from tear gas and rubber bullets.

| 17/08/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

The man is the Sri Lankan People's Front candidate.  He was Secretary of Defense during his brother Mahinda's regime and defeated the Tamil Tigers rebels.  Supporters consider him a "war hero".  Tamil and Sinhalese women: "If he comes to power, he will begin a new period of violence, kidnappings and killings".


| 17/08/2019

The Archbishop of Yangon released a letter in which he expresses "the deep concerns of the Church about the challenges facing the people of Myanmar”, including military interference in the country’s political life. He calls on the army and the government to respect their respective roles, and warns against the growing religious intolerance in the country and Asia.

| 16/08/2019

Syrian government forces continue their march towards Idlib. Rebels and jihadis are waiting for reinforcements from Turkey. Fr Ibrahim talks about the “sound of rockets” that fall every day and risk sparking a new exodus in a country at a breaking point. The Pope's letter to Assad shows "the concern of father".


| 16/08/2019
by Paul Wang

During a press conference three university students report receiving death threats.  Over 500 Chinese police trucks gathered in Shenzhen.  Chinese newspapers launch disinformation campaign.


| 16/08/2019
by Joseph D’Souza

Heightened border tensions between India and Pakistan have followed New Delhi’s decision to cancel the special autonomy of the Muslim majority State. Today, the UN Security Council is meeting to discuss the issue. For Bishop Joseph D’Souza, "The last thing the region needs is another war."

| 16/08/2019

Today the president made his State of the Nation speech before parliament. “A capital city is not just a symbol of national identity, but also a representation of the progress of the nation,” he said. For the president, minerals, palm oil and fisheries are resources Indonesia should process more at home to increase their value.

| 16/08/2019

Geng He, who fled to the United States with her two children, asks the Chinese Communist Party to reveal where her husband is being held.  In the past, Gao Zhisheng, a Christian lawyer, was in prison and suffered enforced disappearances.  This disappearance has lasted for 24 months.

| 16/08/2019

Emphasis on government inefficiencies.  "It seems that the authorities just want to identify the flaws in the security system."  The bishops reiterate that the main purpose must be the identification of authors, supporters and accomplices.


| 16/08/2019

The ship had been seized since 4 July.  Yesterday the Supreme Court ordered the release, ignoring the warning from the United States.  The release could also mean onward passage for the British tanker stopped by the Pasdaran in the Strait of Hormuz.  Iranian minister:  acts of "piracy" by the US.


| 16/08/2019
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