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Pope Francis will have lunch with poor people on World Day of the Poor in Paul VI Hall. Dioceses and parishes around the world have promoted similar initiatives of solidarity. The pontiff asked for a round of applause for Father Emilio Moscoso, a Jesuit martyr priest who was killed in 1897 and proclaimed blessed yesterday in Riobamba (Ecuador). “[H]ope in God [. . .] allows us not to be overcome by tragic events. Indeed, they are an opportunity to give ‘testimony’.” The Christian martyrs of our times, despite persecutions, are men and women of peace.


The site’s long restoration ended last month. It started in 2009 and cost US.1 million. Orthodox Jews claim the site and demand free access to what they consider a place of worship. French regulations provide for limited access, upon purchase of a ticket.

| 16/11/2019

The Court convicted Nguyễn Năng Tĩnh, 43, over some messages posted on a Facebook account which he says is not his. The trial was postponed for a month because the Court prohibited his lawyers from copying the case files.

| 16/11/2019
by Sumon Corraya

The American missionary, founder of the first Christian cooperative credit bank in the country, died in a car accident in 1988. His intuition to provide small bank loans changed the lives of 10 million poor people. A Foundation that bears his name has been set up to conduct market research and provide scholarships.

| 15/11/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

Sri Lankans go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president. After the two frontrunners – Ranasinghe Premadasa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa – a third candidate stands out, Anura Kumara Dissanayaka. The Sirisena administration betrayed all its “electoral promises”. Corruption and debts are up; the economy and poverty are worse; a new civil war is feared; and the country has become the “playground” of world powers.

| 15/11/2019

“I hope,” said the Pope in Spanish, “that my visit will help to highlight the importance of interreligious dialogue, mutual understanding and fraternal cooperation, especially in the service of the poor, those most in need, and in the service of peace.”

| 15/11/2019
by Christina Chua

Christina Chua couldn't get pregnant. She was not yet a Catholic when she asked for the intercession of the Mother of Perpetual Help. For a whole year, she participated in the novena despite difficulties and the lack of understanding of Catholicism. Now she has three children, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

| 15/11/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

Rabbial Muslim Nasution was influenced by Dewi A, who indoctrinated her husband through internet material to carry out a suicide attack. She was also in contact with a detained terrorist. Together, they were planning a new attack. Evidence was found on the social media.

| 15/11/2019

Rihan Hanna Ayoub urges the government to solve the crisis before it “gets out of control”. Protesters have “legitimate demands”. Violent police repression continues with more victims in Baghdad. Christians have joined protesters under the same Iraqi flag.

| 15/11/2019

Pope Francis sends a video message to the pilgrims of  the Fratello  association who have gathered in Lourdes to celebrate the third World Day of the Poor (November 17). He addresses those who are "alone, isolated, abandoned, homeless, expelled from your family or from your country, victim of alcohol, prostitution, illness": "God hears your prayer in a special way". Live the sacraments and be "witness of God's love in your environment".

| 15/11/2019

The provision in conjunction with the Islamic festival celebrating the birth of the prophet Muhammad. In total, over 3,500 people were freed. The activists in prison were mostly journalists and university students. In February for the 40 years of the Islamic Republic 50 thousand prisoners pardoned.

| 15/11/2019

The project is considered one of the most tangible symbols of cooperation between the two countries. Last month, the regime demanded that the South-built resort be taken down. Seoul calls for talks to discuss its fate.

| 15/11/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

Gonila Gill is married to Husnain Jamil, a Muslim. Neither the man nor his family ever imposed her conversion to Islam. This is why everyone is persecuted. "I ask the government to protect mixed faith families like ours."

| 15/11/2019
by Paul Wang

Speaking in Brasilia, the Chinese president strongly supports the violent actions of Hong Kong police and urges the judges to punish "those who committed violent crimes". A sort of  "license to kill" for public security officials. Police violence condemned by many civil society organizations. A US Commission threatens to suspend Hong Kong's special economic status in the event of an invasion of the Chinese Liberation Army.

| 15/11/2019

The US president, who says he is a “great fan” of his Turkish counterpart, describes tête-à-tête as “productive”. Erdoğan calls for a “new page in our relationship". However, the two countries remain divided over anti-Kurdish offensive and S-400 weapon system.

| 14/11/2019
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by Nirmala Carvalho
The Catholic Nurses Guild of India held its 21st convention in Mumbai. Cardinal urges them to care for the sick who are “an integral part of the Church’s life and mission". Equally, he calls on them to protect “the gift of human life ...
| 13/11/2019
On All Souls’ Day, Pope Francis visited the Catacombs of Priscilla for the first time. “The identity of the people who met here is the same as that of many of our brothers and sisters who meet today in secret”. For him, “The place ...
| 02/11/2019
Out of 12 small groups, five are in favour, four against, three others would leave the decision to the Pope or to a universal synod. There is agreement over environmental problems and the violence endured by indigenous people. The contribution of women ...
| 18/10/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera
A document released by the Fujian authorities requires parish priests and religious personnel to ban minors from church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; to curb any momentum of evangelization. Meanwhile, the "Global Times" celebrates ...
| 25/06/2019
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