05/06/2005, 00.00

Buddha's birthday is a celebration for all Koreans, says Archbishop of Seoul

Mgr Cheong Jin-suk hopes Catholics and Buddhists "can work together in solidarity" to defeat hatred, which is "against our two religions".

Seoul (AsiaNews) – Mgr Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, Archbishop of Seoul, sent a message of congratulations to the 13 million Korean Buddhists who are preparing to celebrate the birthday of the Buddha on May 15.

"Buddha's birthday is a holiday not only for our Buddhist brothers and sisters but also for all of us Koreans", the message said.

The Archbishop writes that "widespread violence, hatred, injustice and discrimination are against the traditional teaching of our two religions".

"I am convinced," he reiterated, "that we, Catholics and Buddhists, can work together in solidarity to solve these problems."

He ended his message thanking "all Buddhist leaders and faithful" for "their prayers and the condolences they extended following the passing of Pope John Paul II" and wishing "Buddha's mercy to all the faithful in the world."

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