06/02/2007, 00.00
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Abortion and female feticide destroy society, warns South Korea’s National Statistical Office

In ten years 11.9 per cent of all South Korean males aged 25-34 will not be able to form a family unless the government changes its pro-abortion policy because there will not be enough wives.
Seoul (AsiaNews) – South Korea’s pro-abortion policy and the practice of female feticide are creating one of the country’s worse social problems. Unless the government does something, there will be fewer women in marriageable age and 11.9 per cent of all South Korean males will not be able to find a mate to marry within ten years, this according to estimates released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) in its 2006 report on gender ratio disparity.
Unless the government stops female feticides and introduces pro-family policies, there will be 3.43 million males against 3.02 million females in the 25-34 age group—that means a ratio of 88 women per every 100 men.
As a result, almost one man in six will not find an available match of the opposite sex to get married.
The NSO warns that the trend might turn into a serious social problem as single men could become violent and cause havoc in their social milieu.
Experts attribute this trend to the availability of abortion and the deep-seated Korean (and Asian) cultural preference for sons to pass on the family name and take care of their old parents.
For Cho Yeong-tae, a professor at Seoul National University, since South Korea’s birth rate is among the lowest in the world, if the government continues to support abortion there will be fewer and fewer sons and daughters. The country will become a desert, but before that happens, it will experience violence and social tensions never seen before.
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