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Elections in Iraq

Government should protect minorities rights, says Mosul priest
Results for Christian tickets are below expectations. Hopes are now pinned on a Constitution that guarantees religious freedom.
Sharia will not be basic law, says Bishop Sako
The Bishop of Kirkuk tells AsiaNews that Sunnis will join the government because Shiites and Kurds cannot govern alone.
Final results released
About 8.55 million voters cast their ballot. The al-Sistani-backed coalition won 47.6 per cent of the vote, Kurds, 25.4 per cent, Iyad Allawi's list, 13.6 per cent. Turn out was 59 per cent. Sunnis' absence is worrisome.
Saudi elections: an outbreak of democracy in the Islamic world?
Interview with Francesco Zannini, professor of Contemporary Islam at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI). The Middle East has not yet reconciled the democratic worldview centred on the individual and that of Islam which is inspired by tradition. There is however hope in Iraq and elsewhere for change.
Elections a great success for Iraqis, says Jordan's King Abdullah
Final results in Sunday's elections will be released by February 15. Turnout abroad stands at 93.6 per cent of registered voters.
We are no longer afraid after the elections, says Mosul priest
Attitudes have changed in the population. In neighbouring villages, where people could not vote, residents still want to cast their ballot.
Electoral surprises: higher turnout and people voting in Fallujah
Higher than expected turnout in Sunni areas like Fallujah and Mosul. In their first statements Shiite leaders pledge to include Sunnis in the government.
About 65 per cent of Iraqi expats voted
"This is honestly the first time I have seen these levels of emotion and excitement among voters," says elections official.
By voting the people of Iraq made itself heard, says the Patriarch of Baghdad
Mgr Delly calls the terrorists' strategy against the elections 'ferocious'.
Elections in Iraq: 72% voter turnout
"Finally free!": the cheer rising from Iraqi Kurdistan
Chaldean bishop enthusiastic about turnout.  However, ballots and ballot boxes did not arrive in Mosul.  Polls will open tomorrow.
Bishop of Basra: "Today we can start hoping again"
In this southern Iraqi city, 70% of the population has already voted in a climate of joy and optimism.
Msgr Warduni: a vote against terrorism
Baghdad's auxiliary bishop went to vote along with non-Christian clerics.  Voter turnout greater than expected.
A dogged Iraq vs a lukewarm West
Iraqi expats continue voting
Expats urge fellow Iraqis back home to vote and give the country dignity and freedom.
Baathists go home from Italy to vote
Here is the number of voters per country.
Expatriates vote in Iraqi election
More than 16,000 Iraqis go to the polls in Jordan
Amman is facilitating Iraqis' entry into the kingdom. Threats have been made against officials of organisations involved in the elections.
Bishop of Kirkuk: voting is a national and religious duty
Msgr Sako: "During our masses, we ask people to go and vote. The elections are something great and new". Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are misinforming and thus fuelling fanaticism.
Arab press finds silver lining in Iraq poll
Al-Zarqawi might threaten voters but Arab media are talking about the vote as a necessary basis for democracy.
Voting for the new Iraq in Amman
The United Nations is worried about security. Iraqis refuse to be photographed or interviewed whilst registering to vote.
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