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Benedict XVI, cooperator of Truth

Benedict XVI, cooperator of Truth
Benedict XVI, implementing the Second Vatican Council in a globalised society
White smoke signals new Pope
Joseph Ratzinger elected new Pope
In his first words as Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI invokes Mary, "the Most Holy Mother who is with us."
Pope Benedict XVI: a biography
First Regina Coeli for Benedict XVI
The window of the study in the Apostolic Palace opens after the death of John Paul II with best wishes to Orthodox Churches that celebrate Easter today. The Holy Father Benedict XVI speaks about the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker and jokes with the faithful in the square. He greets ACLI delegations attending the service and prays that there may be employment for those who need it that is dignified. After the Regina Cœli, his thoughts turn to the people of Togo, "torn by painful domestic strife".
Underground Church prays Benedict XVI may visit China
Korean hopes and expectations for the new Pope
An emergent Church hopes for a man who understands the drama of a divided country. Secular media focus on Benedict XVI.
First papal audience on Benedict, a name that is a plan for Europe's reconciliation and renaissance
In the face and words of the Pope the humility of Christ, says Bishop of Mosul
Hope, joy and prayers among Christians in Iraq follow the election of Benedict XVI. We are waiting for him to visit our country; he will be the Pope of unity, they say.
Large numbers of South Koreans attend mass for Benedict XVI
The service was attended by every bishop in the country as well as political leaders and leaders from other religions. For Mgr Choi, papal power and authority cannot be interpreted in socio-political terms.
Indonesians "discover" a different Pope from the one seen on TV
Benedict XVI's words and deeds surprise Catholics, Muslims and Hindus: he is a friend, a promoter of peace.
Chinese priest: "Best wishes, Holy Father; we pledge our fidelity"
Thanks to a last minute decision, part of the inaugural mass was broadcast via satellite. No comments on official sites.
India: Neither conservative nor progressive, this Pope is centred on the faith in Christ
Benedict XVI, humble, will give his life for the Church
First reactions among Asian students in Manila to the mass inaugurating the new pontificate.
Benedict XVI: "Not my own will, but with the whole Church, to do the word and will of the Lord"
Benedict XVI does not present a "programme of governance" but, with the whole Church, must live the zeal of Christ towards "the deserts of the world": only love saves from destructive power and violence. "There is nothing more beautiful than to know Christ and to speak to others of our friendship with Him." An appeal to unity: "So there shall be one flock, one shepherd". To young people: "Do not be afraid of Christ. He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything."
St Peter crowded with 500,000 people for Benedict XVI's installation mass
First solemn mass for Benedict XVI. More than 140 delegations and 500,000 faithful present.
Pope thanks journalists for their work
Benedict XVI says that "media can respond to God's plan only by keeping in mind the need to respect the human person".
Prayers and good will for the new Pope
Benedict XVI: a name rooted in Europe, mission and ecumenism
Benedict XVI's first audience with the College of Cardinals
Taiwanese delegation arriving for Benedict XVI's mass
Pope knows and is known in our country, says Card Kim
Cardinal will ask Benedict XVI to create a second Korean cardinal to help evangelise the North.
china - vatican
The smoke screen of China's preconditions for relations with the Holy See
China requests to pope Benedict XVI, to cut relations with Taiwan and not interfere in its internal affairs are simply a diplomatic blunder.
New Pope, a unwavering defender of the integrity of the faith, says Bishop Zen
Indonesian Muslims believe Pope will build bridges to other religions
Catholic movements praise Benedict XVI
Focolari movement, Communion and Liberation and the S. Egidio community send joyful messages to the new Pontiff.
Mother Teresa to be canonised under Benedict XVI, says Sister Nirmala
New Pope, an intellectual giant and the right man for the times
Mgr Percival Fernandez, Secretary General of the Bishops' Conference of India, enthusiastically comments the election of Benedict XVI.
Chinese Prime Minister reaffirms pre-conditions for relations with Vatican
Catholics hope for a Pope who combines tradition and openness to dialogue
Korean Catholics, Buddhists and Protestants greet new Pope
Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz: "With Benedict XVI, the Church has awakened to new life."
Message of Alexei II: "Now as never before the world has need of our common witness."
Indian Bishops: Ratzinger's profound faith in young people's thirst for God
Enthusiastic comments from bishops and theologians about the election of Benedict XVI: great news which will encourage inter-religious dialogue. The widespread desire for spirituality needs clear-cut direction.
Benedict XVI, the clarity of faith, unity for Catholics and a basis for dialogue between Jews and Is
Fr Jaeger: "It is only by starting out from a firm knowledge of faith that inter-religious dialogue can be fruitful".
Catholics in China: "We know him from his books. We love Benedict XVI s humility"
Catholics waited up late into the night to follow the outcome of the Conclave on Internet and satellite t.v.  They are now praying to welcome the Pontiff to Beijing one day.
"Today the Holy Spirit manifested itself in the Church"
Father Samir Khalil Samir, S.J., shares with AsiaNews his thoughts on the election of new pope Benedict XVI.
India: "Catholics promise the new Pope their love and obedience"
Pope Francis in the Holy Land
The Ukrainian Crisis
The Year of Faith and the martyrdom of Fr Fausto Tentorio
John Paul II is beatified
Education can stop the Taliban in Pakistan
Egyptian Revolution: Muslims and Christians united
World Peace Day 2011
Religious freedom, the path to Peace

The Church's Synod for Peace and Justice in the Middle East
Mother Teresa, an inestimable gift for the world
Pope in Cyprus for peace in Middle East
Easter in Asia
Save Christians and Pakistan from the blasphemy law
60 years of the PR China: the Party against the people
Peace Message 2010: The Pope’s advice to Copenhagen
The Pope's new encyclical Letter: Caritas in veritate
Barack Obama for a "new beginning" with Islam
Tiananmen 20 years on

Benedict XVI visits the Holy Land

Easter in Rome and in Asia
At Lent, let us pray for the Pope
Charter 08: for human rights in China
World Day of Peace 2009
Orissa: the Hindu pogrom against Christians

Sydney WYD 2008
The New Pentecost of the Youth

Beijing 2008: The Olympics
of suspicion and silence

World Day of Prayer
for the Church in China

PIME: 150 years
in Hong Kong

Moratorium on abortion

Message for 2008 World Day of Peace

Spe salvi: the new encyclical of Benedict XVI
Pope’s Message for the 2007 World Mission Day
Pope Francis in the USA
Hegazi case:
Islam's obsession
with conversions

Olympic Games and Human Rights

The Joy of the Church
at Father Bossi's Liberation

Pope's letter
to the Church in China

Iraqi Christians
facing "extinction"

The Pope in Brasil
disease of Islam

Pope's letter following the synod on the Eucharistic
China - NPC: the wounds of a "harmonious society"
Pope writes
to China's Catholics

Alarm pollution
for China’s rivers

Tsunami, two years on...
The Pope in Turkey
The Pope misunderstood by Islam
Asian Mission Congress

Rosary and mission

European Christians to the aid of Chinas young Church
The crisis in Islam
(by Samir Khalil Samir, sj)

China - Vatican:
the illicit ordinations

Fr. Andrea Santoro
a missionary killed in Turkey

�Deus caritas est�: God�s eros and agape
The Mohammed cartoon strips:
Islam shows its darkest face

Java Earthquake
H5N1: The avian flu
Nuns beaten in Xian
Pope names 4 Chinese bishops as members of the Synod on the Eucharist
Synod on the Eucharist
Islam and the West
Year of the Eucharist
Pope's words
to the young people of WYD

AsiaNews - PIME
for tsunami victims
in Asia

"We have come
to worship Him"

Israel's Attack on the Pope Is a Smokescreen for Abandoning Talks with the Holy See
Holy See - Israel:
10 years later, the problems still to be resolved

Beijing and the Vatican: small steps and religious freedom
Vatican - Russian Orthodoxy: return to dialogue
Benedict XVI, cooperator of Truth
Asian Churches prayig for the Conclave
Days of Conclave
Asia in the Conclave
Papal trips to Asia
A United WorldHonours the Pope
John Paul II, missionary for the Third Millennium
Easter 2005:
Asia, signs of hope
stronger than death

Miners in China,
the cost of
economic development

Petition to Chinese Parliament: free bishops and priests. List of bishops and priests in prison.
Lebanon, again a model for the Middle East
Elections in Iraq
Tsunami in Asia - the sorrow and the compassion
Brian O�Connor: �My story, a Christian in a Saudi jail�
A bishop facing Beiging
Hong Kong and the freedom of the education

A maimed Europe signs its constitution
IRAQ: Churches targeted
Tiananmen, 15 years later
China - Europe: Europe learns from Pope on how to deal with China
Vatican: Churches should not be used as mosques
The Passion of The Christ
Saving Baghdads revival from blind European pacifism
New churches built to destroy even more
Christmas in Asia, peace in wartime
The wall between Israel and Palestine

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