23 November 2017
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  • 23/11/2017 - BANGLADESH - VATICAN

    The pontiff will visit Bangladesh from 30 November to 2 December. "The pope expressed the desire to come two years ago, when the refugee crisis had not broken out." Over 620,000 Muslims have fled the Rakhine State in Myanmar.

    by Sumon Corraya

    23/11/2017 - YEMEN

    The genocide of Yemen:First bombs, now hunger, thirst and cholera

    by Pierre Balanian

    The coalition led by Riyadh blocks the arrival of fuel needed to run the wells. Over a million people without water in Taiz, Saada, Hodeida, Sana'a and Al Bayda. According to UNICEF, 1.7 million children suffer from acute malnutrition”; 150,000 children are likely to die in the coming weeks. The silence and neglect of the international community. The threat of hitting crude-cargo ships. Yesterday, Saudi Arabia allowed the reopening of Sana'a airport and Hudayda port, but only for humanitarian aid. An insufficient measure.

    23/11/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Colombo school helps families and children’s ward for World Day of the Poor

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Students from the Holy Family Convent school in Colombo helped two needy families and the Children’s Ward in the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama. Students funded the three deeds with money from ticket sales to fellow students of a play, the ‘Horror House’, which they performed.

    23/11/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Pakistan’s religious minorities underrepresented

    by Kamran Chaudhry

    Communities already living in fear suffer discrimination. Activists and politicians complain that whilst the number of seats in national and provincial assemblies has increased, reserved minority seats have not. Catholic bishops note that the current electoral system does not represent their communities. One lawmaker complains that her fellow parliamentarians are indifferent to the issue.

    23/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Women as defenders from the ideological colonization that indoctrinates young people

    Old and new dictatorships take liberty and memory to impose an educational system. It is the mothers and women, the keepers of memory, of the dialect, "able to defend the history of a people" and "to convey the faith" which "theologians will explain".

    23/11/2017 - CAMBODIA

    Cambodia’s economy remains strong despite political turmoil, World Bank says

    The economy is expected to grow by 6.9 per cent next year, slightly higher than this. Investments from China, Cambodia’s main economic partner, play a crucial role. Hun Sen remains defiant vis-à-vis foreign donor, especially the US and EU, which are threatening to end aid to protest against repression.

    23/11/2017 - SYRIA - UN

    Russia, Iran and Turkey seek peace in Syria, but the anti-Assad front is still divided

    The three countries are launching an "inclusive, free, fair and transparent" political process to put an end to "civil war". Putin stresses that they will need "concessions" from all, including Syrian President Assad. In Riyadh deep divisions between rebel groups emerge, unable to find a common voice. 

    23/11/2017 - KOREA

    Though 'sponsor of terrorism', North Korea will participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

    The decision of the International Olympic Committee. The Olympic Charter protects all rights and freedoms without discrimination. November 13, "Olympic Truce" adopted by the UN General Assembly and promoted by South Korea.

    22/11/2017 - INDIA

    Movie sparks Hindu nationalist protest, Bollywood star gets death threats

    A local BJP politician offers rich reward to have actress Padukone and director Bhansali beheaded. Padmatavi’s premiere has been postponed indefinitely. Alleged romantic scenes between a 13th century Hindu queen and a Muslim invader are the cause of the controversy.

    22/11/2017 - CHINA

    Party Propaganda chief under investigation for corruption

    Lu Wei, 57, also headed cyber security. During his tenure, China’s first cyber watchdog law was enacted. Xi’s anti-corruption campaign has so far led to the purge of 250 top party officials as well as almost 1.5 million cadres and bureaucrats.

    22/11/2017 - SOUTH KOREA

    South Korean researchers find way to prevent hair loss

    A biochemical material blocks hair loss. Researchers find protein preventing hair re-growth. A new path of study has been opened funded by the Science Ministry.

    22/11/2017 - YEMEN

    Yemen disaster: Aden’s Christian cemetery desecrated, Vicar of Arabia says

    People unknown knocked down crosses and tombstones, including those of Mother Teresa's nuns, killed in March 2016. For Mgr Hinder, this is serious, confirming the country’s “ongoing difficult situation and violence." The Saudi blockade puts at risk “the survival of people”.

    22/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: When we go to Mass, it is as if we were going to Calvary

    The celebration is "entering" in the passion, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus. It is not time to chat, take photographs, comment. "Every celebration of the Eucharist is a ray of sun without sunset, that is the Risen Christ Jesus. Participating in the Mass, especially on Sunday, means entering the Risen One's victory, being illuminated by his light, warmed by his warmth. "

    22/11/2017 - INDIA

    Claims Hindus declined because Christian conversions are unfounded, says Sajan George

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The president of the Global Council of Indian Christians describes Mohandas Pai’s views as unscientific and dangerous. The latter said that conversions increased the Christian group by 8 million and that Hindus have dropped from 85 per cent of the population to 77 per cent. In reality census shows that Christians number 27.8 million and account for about 2.3 per cent of the Indian population.

    22/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The Communist Party blocks Chinese tours to Vatican

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Tourist agencies are prohibited from advertising and planning trips and visits to the Vatican to St. Peter's Basilica. Fines of up to 300,000 yuan. The reason: there are no diplomatic relations between Beijing and the Holy See. A boycott of Vatican to make it accept the conditions imposed by Beijing in dialogue? The useless psychosis of control. Chinese Protestants and Catholics evangelize tourists.

    22/11/2017 - AFGHANISTAN

    International Tribunal ready to investigate war crimes of Taliban and US soldiers in Afghanistan

    Thousands of people affected by Taliban violence. Numerous detainees under torture in Afghan prisons.   

    22/11/2017 - NORTH KOREA - CHINA

    Kim Jong-un snubs Xi Jinping's special envoy

    22/11/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    The Philippine churches goes red in solidarity with persecuted Christians in the world

    Various dioceses, shrines, basilicas and universities spread throughout the country. Even the faithful invited to dress in red, in the context of the campaign #RedWednesdayPH campaign. Among the goals are educating the public on the vastness of persecution and encouraging the defense of the faith.

    22/11/2017 - LEBANON

    Saad Hariri returns to Beirut

    After landing at the airport, he wanted to pay homage to his father Rafic's tomb. Today he will participate in the Independence Day Parade with Michel Aoun and Nabih Berri. His party meets in front of his home.

    21/11/2017 - ZIMBABWE – CHINA

    Beijing’s shadow over Zimbabwe coup

    Zimbabwe’s top military commander was in China a couple of days before the coup. China is the African country’s top economic partner. Bilateral relations go back to the 1960s. Mugabe’s economic mismanagement and the nationalisation of diamond mines are behind the tensions between the two countries. Beijing likes the vice president.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN

    For Pope, martyrdom is medicine against cultural and ideological colonisation

    During the Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis warned against “new things” that destroy the traditions, history, and religion of a people. Martyr Eleazar was a "root" for the young and the future of his people.

    21/11/2017 - INDIA

    Carmelites in Baroda celebrate the Presentation of Mary to the temple through prayers

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The cloistered nuns live in the Prem Jyot (Light of Love) monastery. For the mother prioress, the service of contemplative nuns is “prayer”. Pope Francis "never ceases to invite us to ‘meet Christ’.”

    21/11/2017 - MYANMAR – VATICAN

    Catholics ready to welcome the Holy Father in Yangon

    The high point of the papal visit will be the Solemn Mass at Kyaikkasan Grounds in Yangon. Some 200,000 people from around the country are expected, about a third of all Myanmar Catholics. The Church will provide accommodations and transportation. Kachin people made the wooden crosier that Pope Francis will use during the service. As they wait for the pontiff, young people pray.

    21/11/2017 - CAMBODIA

    Opposition party officials quit or defect after party dissolution

    On 16 November, the Supreme Court banned the CNRP at the request of the government. The prime minister gives CNRP officials another week to join his party. The ruling party said it received 390 defectors as of yesterday, including a parliamentarian, 33 provincial councillors, and 356 municipal officials.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN - CHINA

    'Art Diplomacy': two exhibits at the Vatican Museums and Beijing’s Imperial Palace

    Two Chinese officials – Zhu Jiancheng, secretary general of the China Culture Investment Found, and Maestro Zhang Yan – took part in the announcement at the Holy See Press Office. Zhang has given Pope Francis two paintings. The parallel exhibits will have two different names: ‘Beauty unites us’ in the Vatican, and ‘Contemporary Sino-Vatican Exhibit’ in China. The pope is compared to a sacred mountain.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN - BANGLADESH

    Pope to the people of Bangladesh: I come to proclaim Christ’s message of reconciliation (Video)

    Pope Francis's video message for his upcoming pastoral journey from November 30 to 2 December. The Pope emphasizes that his visit wants to confirm the Christian community, but he also places great importance on meeting with religious leaders. 

    21/11/2017 - GREECE-RUSSIA

    Inter-Orthodox gathering: Mission in today’s world in the sign of Saint Andrew

    by Vladimir Rozanskij

    Orthodox representatives of Greece, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, along with guests from non-orthodox countries such as the United States and Italy, participated in Patras (Greece), the site of apostolic martyrdom. Remembering the Christian martyrs of today and those who are dying spiritually, oppressed "by postmodernist morality". Banks "High Temples of Practical Secularism". The relics of Saint Seraphim of Sarov. A Memorandum of Commitments of the Faithful.

    21/11/2017 - SYRIA - RUSSIA

    Syrian conflict, Putin and Assad celebrate success in fight against terrorism

    The Kremlin leader acclaims "results" achieved. For Moscow, the "definitive" defeat of the rebel groups is imminent and it is time to "shift" attention to the "political process". On Putin's agenda consultations with Trump and Qatari emir.

    21/11/2017 - CHINA

    Christian lawyer Jiang Tianyong condemned to two years prison for 'subversion'

    He defended Gao Zhisheng and Chen Guangcheng, members of Falun Gong and AIDS patients infected by state clinics. Despite having the chance to flee to the US, he preferred to stay in China to defend his fellow lawyers, victims of the "709" repression.

    21/11/2017 - BANGLADESH - VATICAN

    Dhaka: Waiting for Pope Francis, Catholics recall John Paul II’s visit

    by Sumon Corraya

    The Polish pontiff went to the capital of Bangladesh on November 19, 1986, and ordained 19 priests. Some of them recall the moment of consecration, embrace, and touch of his hands. "He preached a society free from violence."

    20/11/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Road accident sparks renewed tensions between Buddhists and Muslims in Sri Lanka

    At least 66 homes, 26 shops, two mosques and 16 vehicles were damaged or torched. Police arrest 24 people for inciting ethnic violence. Disorders come as the United Nations Human Rights Council releases its review. Minorities are still in danger.

    Editor's choices

    Mass for a deceased underground priest. Card. Zen asks for God ‘s grace to save the Church in China and the Holy See from the 'precipice'

    Li Yuan

    Fr. Wei Heping, 41, died in mysterious circumstances, his body dumped in a river in Taiyuan (Shanxi). For the police claim he committed suicide. Family members are not allowed to even see the autopsy report. For Card. Zen the Holy See (which "is not necessarily the Pope") seeks a compromise at all costs with the Chinese government, risking "to sell out the faithful Church". Justice and Peace publish a booklet about Fr. Wei, not to forget.

    Pope: No more war, its only fruit is death, 'our self-destruction'

    Marking the Feast of All Souls, Francis celebrated Mass at the American Cemetery in Nettuno. "When so many times in history men think of a war, they are convinced of bringing a new world, they are convinced of making a 'spring'. It ends in a winter, ugly, cruel, with the reign of terror and death."


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