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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
08/30/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, no let up in floods: millions of people at risk
by Sumon Corraya
The torrential rains that are hitting the country have devastated 19 of 64 national districts. Over 20 thousand houses under water, the authorities close schools: if the situation does not change, all of these buildings will have to be demolished. The victims helpless, while the government admits: "We are not able to help everyone."
Dhaka (AsiaNews) - The terrible floods that are hitting Bangladesh have devastated 19 of the 64 national districts, leaving millions of people with little food, no...

08/29/2014 PAKISTAN
Quetta, three journalists murdered as attacks on Pakistani press mount
by Jibran Khan
Last night two armed men raided the journalists offices shooting them in cold blood. The assailants fled, police searches so far prove vain. President of Catholic journalists: intimidation against those who seek to "tell the truth". The country is 158th out of 180 for freedom of the press.
08/29/2014 NEPAL
NGOs "force" Nepali Muslims to use contraceptives and abortion
by Christopher Sharma
Several Islamic leaders from the poorest areas of the country speak out against non-governmental organizations, which will only provide humanitarian aid if households adopt their methods of family planning: "This is despicable, it goes against our faith and exploits our poverty".
08/28/2014 NEPAL
Religious festival discriminates against the poor, Hindus should learn from Pope Francis
by Christopher Sharma
The festival of Teej is dedicated to women and is currently underway across the country. However, people continue to struggle against hunger and poverty as well as the effects of floods and landslides in the poorest districts of the country. Activists slam waste and selfishness among the rich. An expert on Hinduism warns that this way religion is emptied of its beliefs.
08/28/2014 PAKISTAN
Islamabad: despite opposition in the streets, prime minister unwilling to quit
Former cricket champion Imran Khan is leading the protest. He wants the prime minister to step back, slams his election in May 2013 as rigged. Nawaz Sharif rules out resignation, but seeks dialogue with the opposition. Rumors continue about a possible military move.

08/28/2014 IRAQ - ISLAM
The barbaric cruelty of the Caliphate puts Islam to the test
by Samir Khalil Samir
The bloodthirsty and dramatic violence of the Islamic State has met with lukewarm condemnation but above all the silence of the Muslim world. The causes: an education system that rejects critical thought in preference of memorization; a religion that paralyzes reason and intelligence (as Muslims themselves state). The hideous cruelty of the former Isis goes against the Koran and the life of Muhammad. But are the humus in which the violence "in the name of God" appears justified. Islam needs to be profoundly renewed through a radical transformation of the educational method.
08/28/2014 INDIA
Uttar Pradesh: Hindu radicals "reconvert" Christians, turn church into a temple dedicated to Shiva
by Nirmala Carvalho
Fundamentalists tore down the building's cross. Celebrating a "purification" ceremony, they put up a large portrait of Shiva. Tribals had converted to Christianity in 1995. For local Hindu leader, "It is not about conversion. They realised their mistake, came back and we welcomed them." A saddened Card Gracias reiterates the Christian mission in favour of the marginalised, whilst Sajan George warns, "violence against minorities goes unpunished in the state".
08/27/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Division among Christians is not just schism, but result of idle gossip and the work of the devil
At the General audience, Francis recalls Jesus' prayer for the unity of Christians, who are still divided today. “How much we gossip in parishes". "But, this is not the Church! We must not do this! We should not do this! I will not tell you to cut out your tongues, no, no... But, ask the Lord for the grace not to [gossip]”.
08/27/2014 INDIA
Pilar Missionary: Witnessing the Gospel to tribal Mundari, amid poverty and malnutrition
by Nirmala Carvalho
Fr. Lino Fernandes presides at the funeral of two young men, belonging to the same family, who died from "poverty". Conditions of the tribal community worsened by lack of access to medical facilities. The Indian president praises the work of the Church, but state institutions do not help the priests in their mission. Like Mother Teresa, serving "the poorest of the poor."
08/26/2014 INDIA
Mumbai's Jewish center re-opens after 2008 terrorist attack
by Nirmala Carvalho
Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivky and 4 other people died in the attack: the small Moshe, their son, survived thanks to his Indian nanny. Today the structure has been restored: "This project is a seed of light and hope, reminding us how we can survive even in the most terrible of the challenges. Evil will not prevail".
08/26/2014 PAKISTAN
Karachi: Population in revolt over water shortages
Population growth and aging water system has led to a serious crisis. Some neighborhoods have had no water for over three months. Women and children have to walk miles to nearest water source. Population demand water "at least once a week". Profit to be made from water attracts criminal underworld.
08/25/2014 NEPAL
Catholics celebrate godparents and Pope Francis on Father's Day
by Christopher Sharma
Hindus mark the celebration, which is popular in the country, with ceremonies of gratitude and gifts to biological fathers. Catholics choose to spend the day with the "parents in the faith", showing their love for "the father of us all, the pontiff."
08/25/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, targeted attacks and social injustices behind the "disappearance" of Hindus
by Sumon Corraya
In 1947 the Hindus in the then East Pakistan were 28% of the population, they are now below 8.5% and continue to decline day by day. The Prime Minister Hasina launched an appeal in favor of a multi-religious country in which all citizens are equal, but experts argue: "They have no protection and no justice, so they flee".
08/25/2014 INDIA
Orissa, six years on from pogrom "faith in the crucified Christ never abandons us"
by Nirmala Carvalho
The Indian State,scene of terrible anti-Christian persecution in 2008, today holds a Day of Remembrance in memory of the victims and to demand justice from the government. The Archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar tells AsiaNews: "The testimony of victims has produced fertile seeds, which nourish faith and vocations." Card. Gracias: "The suffering of Christians in India, offered for peace in Iraq".
08/24/2014 VATICAN
Pope appeals for peace in Ukraine. Peter's blind faith and hearts of "rock" or "sand"
At the Angelus, Pope Francis recalls situation of conflict that create "so much suffering among the civilian population". A bishop writes a letter to the pope, "describing this pain." As for Peter, Jesus expects a "reliable", faith on which to build the Church. "What is your faith like? We should all find the answer in our hearts. What does the Lord find in our hearts? A stable heart like stone, or a heart like sand, that is incredulous, doubtful, suspicious?". He makes the pilgrims repeat Peter's profession three times: "You are Christ, the Son of the living God."

Altri articoli
08/22/2014 NEPAL
As famine strikes Nepal's Humla District, non-residents leave the area by Christopher Sharma
08/22/2014 INDIA
Kerala: Syro-Malabar bishops to allow Catholic cremation
08/22/2014 INDIA
India, film on assassination of Indira Gandhi barred from release
08/21/2014 INDIA
India's infertility clinics, the other side of surrogacy in India
08/20/2014 NEPAL
Floods leave 200 people dead and 10,000 families homeless by Christopher Sharma
08/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope asks Church to unite in prayer for persecuted Christians and minorities worldwide, particularly in Iraq
08/19/2014 SRI LANKA
Jaffna: rising suicide rate among civil war victims by Melani Manel Perera
08/19/2014 INDIA
For ultranationalists, India is Hindu and its people cannot be secular by Nirmala Carvalho
08/18/2014 VATICAN
For pope, in Iraq "It is lawful" to halt an "unjust aggressor", but the decision belongs to the UN
08/18/2014 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka's 'people of the forest' want help to preserve their cultural identity by Melani Manel Perera
08/18/2014 VATICAN-CHINA
Pope Francis and Xi Jinping’s "new line" and the Chinese young people in Korea by Bernardo Cervellera
08/18/2014 NEPAL
Catholics celebrate Kathmandu cathedral by Christopher Sharma
08/18/2014 INDIA - IRAQ
Indian bishop invokes Mary Queen of Heaven to bring peace to Iraq by Felix Machado*
08/18/2014 KOREA - VATICAN - AYD
President of the Korean bishops: Francis gave wake up call to Korea and Asia
Editor's choices
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul," the thanks of the Patriarch Louis Sako; the concerns of the Bishop of Kurdistan
by Bernardo CervelleraThe head of the Chaldean Church is grateful for the AsiaNews campaign and hopes that "this chain of solidarity will reach far and wide”. Helping refugees to remain in Iraq. But many want to flee abroad. The bishop of Amadiyah where thousands of displaced people have found haven in churches and homes: We also help the Arabs (Muslims), and Yazidis, for free and without looking at our confessional differences.
"Stop! I am asking you with all my heart. Stop!" says pope as he speaks out on the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine He mentions children, victims of war, "from whom we take away the hope for a decent life," urging the parties to address "every diatribe with the tenacity of dialogue and negotiation and the power of reconciliation". As tomorrow marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, "a day of mourning," we should learn the lessons of history. The Gospel makes us know the true Jesus, the living Jesus, who speaks to the heart and is a life changer as he was for Saint Francis of Assisi. "The joy of finding the treasure of the Kingdom of God comes through, can be seen. Christians cannot hide their faith."
Top 10
08/28/2014 IRAQ - ISLAM
The barbaric cruelty of the Caliphate puts Islam to the test
by Samir Khalil Samir
08/25/2014 IRAQ
Patriarch of Baghdad: While politicians argue, Iraqi Christians continue to suffer and die
by Joseph Mahmoud

08/27/2014 ISLAM - THE WEST
The West should come back to Christ if it wants to defeat the terror of the Caliphate
by Piero Gheddo
08/25/2014 INDONESIA - ISLAM
In Jakarta, Muslim leaders explain Islamic fundamentalism to Christians
by Royani Lim
08/24/2014 VATICAN
Pope appeals for peace in Ukraine. Peter's blind faith and hearts of "rock" or "sand"
08/29/2014 NEPAL
NGOs "force" Nepali Muslims to use contraceptives and abortion
by Christopher Sharma
08/25/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
As mainland officials to discuss Hong Kong's future, Occupy Central prepares "waves" of protests
by Wang Zhicheng
08/27/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Division among Christians is not just schism, but result of idle gossip and the work of the devil
08/28/2014 INDIA
Uttar Pradesh: Hindu radicals "reconvert" Christians, turn church into a temple dedicated to Shiva
by Nirmala Carvalho
UN warns of 3 million Syrian refugees, "the world's largest humanitarian emergency"


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