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Attack on Kathmandu Cathedral: a 27 year old woman arrested

Kalpit Parajuli
She confessed to having planted to bomb in the Church of the Assumption on May 23rd. She is a member of the extremist group the Nepal Defence Army. During her interrogation she said “I planted the bomb because I hate Christians, and all other religions, I love only Hinduism”. The police are now on the trial of other group members.

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - “I planted the bomb because I hate Christians and other religions and only love Hinduism”. These are the words of 27 year old Sita Thapa Shrestha, arrested by Nepalese police for having planted a bomb in the Cathedral of the Assumption Kathmandu on May 23rd last.  The woman is involved with a Hindu fundamentalist group and confessed to having planted the explosive that killed three people and injured 13 others.

Kuber Singh Rana, head of the task force investigating the episode told AsiaNews “We have detained her as the prime accused person and she has confessed the crime” and her involvement with the Hindu extremist group known as the “Nepal Defence Army”.

According to police she has been associated with non governmental organizations of Hindu inspiration including Jeevan Sahara Bal Sarokar Kendra, Gramin Srijanshil Mahila Utthan Kendra and Hindu Rastra Bachau Samitee.

Thanks to Shrestha’s confession police are now on the trail of another man who accompanied her tot eh Church.  The head of the Nepal Defence Army Prasad Mainali is also on their list of investigation.

Police suspect that the woman and the extremist group are also behind the murder of Fr. John Prakash. The Salesian priest and director of the Don Bosco School in Sirsiya, Morang district, were assassinated July last and those responsible for his murder have still not been caught. (see AsiaNews 01/07/2008).

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