08/17/2017, 08.56

Moon: There will be no new war on the Korean peninsula

100 days since the beginning of his mandate, the South Korean President reiterated his approach to North Korea: openness to dialogue and sanctions. Any military option (of the US) will need Seoul's consent. Pyongyang has to stop the production of nuclear weapons. Relations with Japan.

Seoul (AsiaNews) - South Korean President Moon Jae-in has ruled out a new war on the Korean Peninsula, saying the United States agrees not to decree any military action without Seoul's consent. He has also warned the North not to overstep  the "red line" in using nuclear warheads and intercontinental missiles.

"I say this with confidence that there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula ever again," the president said in a press conference marking his first 100 days in office.

"The United States and President Donald Trump too have agreed to discuss any options it may take (against North Korea) with South Korea regardless of what kind of options it takes."

Moon's statements followed a fiery word war between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, in which the former promised "fire and fury" against the North, while the other threatened to hit the island of Guam.

"Any military action to be taken on the Korean Peninsula requires South Korea's consent unless it is taken outside the peninsula."

The South Korean leader also admitted that the North is near a "red line". " I believe North Korea completing its development of ICBMs and mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles will mark its crossing the red line. North Korea is nearing the critical point. And that is why we must prevent North Korea's additional provocations," he said.

"Should North Korea again make a provocation, the North will face further enhanced sanctions, and it will not endure them," Moon added.

At the request of journalists to talk about relations with Japan, Moon said he wants to improve ties between the two countries, despite past wounds ("comfort women", used for sex by Japanese soldiers, and Koreans sent to labor camps), for which he asks for compensation for the victims.

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