Expo: record number of visitors for Nepal’s history-filled pavilion
Since 1 May, 750,000 people visited the Nepali site. Built with modern material and technology, it embodies the country’s 13th century architecture. Some 500 metric tonnes of material (precious woods, metals, stones, bricks and tiles) were shipped from the mountain nation.
Shanghai (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Nepal Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo has welcomed a record 750,000 visitors since 1 May. Titled "Tales of Kathmandu", Nepal’s Expo theme focuses on urban development in the Nepali capital over the past 2000 years. Some 25,000 people have visited the pavilion on average each day, making it one of the top ten sites. The pavilion reflects a style popularised by Araniko, a 13th century Nepali architect.

Inside the building, visitors can admire the country’s cultural and architectural glories, showing the development of Kathmandu as an urban centre over some 2,000 years. The exhibit also highlights Nepal’s rich heritage in art, culture and architecture.

Nepali architects and engineers shipped some 500 metric tonnes in material, including carvings in wood, metal and stone as well as bricks and tiles.

Expo 2010 Shanghai opened on 1 May and will close on 31 October.

In its first month, about 8 million people visited the sites, which included the pavilions of 192 participating countries.