Cairo, Christians and Muslims together against violence and inter-religious divisions
Hundreds gather in Tahrir Square to reaffirm the inter-religious unity of the Egyptian people after clashes in recent days that killed 13 people. Young people want a million people to take to the streets.

 Cairo (AsiaNews) - Hundreds of Coptic Christians and Muslims holding the cross and crescent gathered in Tahrir Square today to emphasize the inter-religious unity of the Egyptian people, after the violent clashes in recent days that killed 13 people. According to AsiaNews sources, the young protagonists of the Jasmine revolution told media that they will bring more than one million people onto the streets. Through facebook and internet sites, they are inviting the population to reject "all provocations that could bring chaos and factionalism between Christians and Muslims."

Meanwhile, the Copts sit-in in front of the Egyptian TV continues against the destruction of the church of St. Mina and St. George in Soul on 5 March by a group of Muslims. The protesters say the protest will last until the complete reconstruction of the building, promised by the military for Easter. AsiaNews sources however, point out that many Muslims are opposing this decision. "The radical Islamists - they say -  want the church moved into the desert and the situation remains uncertain." Yesterday, in a meeting with Christian leaders military leaders have given assurances that they will do everything in their power to avoid violence. (Sc)