Chinese dissident arrested on charges of "subversion". Repression tightens
Zhu Yufu, arrested March 5, will be tried for "inciting subversion of state power," officials tell his ex-wife. Zhu Yufu wrote a poem in which he invites people to "take a walk in the squares and streets." Police in Chengdu breaks into the house of a journalist, seize her computer and other materials, and interrogate her for 14 hours. Now she has disappeared.

Hangzhou (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Chinese authorities have arrested Zhu Yufu, a long-time dissident on charges of subversion, revealed the dissident's former wife and a friend today. Zu Yufu is the fourth activist arrested in recent days and will probably face a trial related to the wave of dissent that is enveloping China.

The police in Hangzhou, a city in eastern China, informed his ex-wife Jiang Hangli, that Zhu has been arrested and that the judges have confirmed the arrest for "inciting subversion of state power."

Zhu Yufu was detained on March 5. "Prior to his arrest he was followed wherever he went, 24 hours  a day for 20 days by security agents, so he never had the opportunity to participate in any political activity," said Jiang, who shares the house with her ex-husband.

The charge of subversion is wide-ranging, often used to punish those who complain against the abuses of the regime and call for democratic reforms. Three other dissidents have been put on trial, the beginning of a new wave of repression unleashed by the regime to thwart protests like the " Jasmine Revolution."

"We do not know the specific reasons, but imagine that there might be a relationship with a poem he wrote in which he suggested that people go out for a walk in the squares and streets," said Zhu Zhemning, a lawyer friend of pro-reform Zhu Yufu. "But he spoke of neither place nor time, nor has he suggested that people carry banners or slogans. He only invited them to take a walk. "

Yesterday morning the police raided the house of Ling Yi, an activist and editor of a magazine in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and took the woman away for questioning. While the interrogation was in progress the house was searched by agents, who confiscated her computer. The agents showed neither a search warrant nor an arrest warrant, and did not leave a list of confiscated items. Ling was interrogated for 14 hours, she returned home, but since talking to some friends of her experience has disappeared. Ling had already been interrogated on frequent occasions by security officials about her support for Liu Xianbin, a jailed dissident.