Bishops call for justice after seminary rector murdered in Bangalore
Bangalore archbishop and 15 prelates write to the government of Karnataka and the police, urging them to find the culprits as soon as possible. Fr K J Thomas was murdered overnight at Easter, between 31 March and 1 April.

Bangalore (AsiaNews) - "It is already 18 days since the murder of Fr K J Thomas and the police who are investigating his murder still have not been able to identify the culprits and the motive," said Mgr Bernard Moras, archbishop of Bangalore (Karnataka), in a public statement, signed also by 15 bishops from the Bishops' Conference of Karnataka.

In their press release, the bishops urge the government of Karnataka "to bring the culprits to justice" after the rector of the seminary was murdered at Easter between March 31 and 1 April.

"Fr K J Thomas was known for his simplicity, honesty, hard work and spirit of austerity. He was," the statement said, "a kind-hearted person. He had no enemies among the staff or students or anywhere else as far as we know."

According to the investigators, the priest died of multiple injuries and wounds to the face and the head. His room as well as other rooms in the seminary were ransacked but no objects or documents are missing.

"We know the police are doing their best but we want justice from the government of Karnataka," the bishops said. (NC)