Bangladesh, 2,500 Catholics protest attack on Boldipukur church
by Sumon Corraya
The demonstration was held in Mithapukur: Bishop Sebastian Tudu of the Dinajpur Diocese was also present. Meanwhile in Dhaka, 600 Catholics form a human chain to protest against the attack. Christian leader: "We are also members of this nation."

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - About 2,500 Catholics, including the Bishop of Dinajpur Sebastian Tudu and more than 100 priests and nuns, protested yesterday against the attack on the Boldipukur Catholic church, which took place on July 6. The protest was held in front of the (sub-district) upazila office of Mithapukur, in the district of Rongpur. This is the first time that a Bangladeshi bishop has taken part in a demonstration.  

Msgr. Tudu, bishop of the diocese where the attack took place, explained the aims of the gathering: "We want a proper investigation and exemplary punishment for those who targeted priests and nuns. We believe that this type of attack is an attack that affects religious sentiments. "

Meanwhile in Dhaka about 600 Catholics - including 30 priests and nuns - yesterday formed a human chain to demonstrate against the Boldipukur attack. The event was organized by the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace and the Bangladesh Christian Association (BCA), in front of the National Press Club

"We Christians are peaceful - said Fr. Albert Rozario, secretary of the Episcopal Commission - we do not want any conflict. We only want peace and religious harmony, but often become victims." The priest, who is also pastor of Tejgaon, gives the example of land expropriations ​​by Bengali settlers against the tribals.

"We, too, - said Nirmol Rozario, general secretary of the BCA - are members of this nation. Christians have fought for the independence of the country. We want peace and justice. We want security for the priests and the sisters of our Church."