Haryana, guru charged with murder arrested. One child and five women found dead
The five dead bodies were found in the ashram where he was hiding. The causes of their death still unknown. More than 16 thousand devotees were held as a hostage in the holy place. Another woman died in hospital shortly after being released.

Barwala (AsiaNews) - The Haryana police yesterday evening arrested Baba Ramdev, the controversial Hindu guru charged with murder, ending a week of violence. In the ashram where he was hiding, protected with petrol bombs and firearms by his devotees, the police have found the bodies of four women and a child. A fifth woman, aged 20, died at a local hospital after leaving the camp. The causes of these deaths are still unclear. According to the police, the victims "did not bear any injuries".

Over the past three days clashes between officers and followers of the guru intensified, causing about 200 casualties. Police said that Baba Rampal, 63, refues to not give himself up. Before the arrest, the police managed to evacuate more than 16 thousand devotees and help them return to their homes.

Some of them reported not being able to leave the ashram before because they were threatened by the guru's followers, and that women and children were used as human shields to prevent the police from storming the compound.

At least 270 people were arrested in connection with the recent violence and charged with rioting, unlawful confinement, attempted murder and sedition against the state. Baba Rampal is charged with the murder of one of his followers, which took place in 2006 in another of his ashrams.