ISIS beheads a street magician because his tricks were creating "illusions and falsehood"
Loved by kids, he earned some money with his magic, but for Islamic State cutthroats, his activities were "an insult to God."

Beirut (AsiaNews) - A Syrian street magician who entertained passers-by with his tricks has been beheaded by Islamic State militants, because his tricks were anti-Islam, an insult to God, and created "illusions and falsehood," the Daily Mirror reported.

According to the British paper, the magician was arrested during an impromptu performance in Raqqa, the "capital" of ISIS-occupied territory, and subsequently had his head cut off in a public square.

A Raqqa resident who later fled to Turkey described the killing as "barbarism and butchery," the paper said.

"He was just called Sorcerer by people and children loved him," another witness said. "He was doing nothing anti-Islamic but he paid for it with his life."