Bishop of Macau: The closing of the Holy Year is not a fading firework
by Lucia Leung

Msgr. Stephen Lee recalls that after the "special" way, now there is the "ordinary" way to receive mercy and to give it. A Mass with about 3 thousand people. Flourishing activities during the Holy Year.


Macau (AsiaNews) - The closing of the Holy Door in this special year of Mercy does not mean that "God's mercy is over." As experienced in this year it is not as "a fireworks display" that vanishes, something "fleeting and exciting", but that leaves us empty handed.

With the Holy Year,  a "special" path is over but the "ordinary" path to mercy remains: confession, fasting, penance for sins, the liturgy, compassion for others. They are among the issues touched by Msgr. Stephen Lee Bun-sang, the bishop of Macau, at the closing of the Holy Door. The prelate, originally from Hong Kong, took office as bishop for the diocese of the former Portuguese colony on 23 January.

The ceremony was attended at least 3 thousand people gathered outside the St. Paul's School.

Before the conclusion of the ceremony, the head of the Committee for the Holy Year, the general vicar Fr. Pedro Chong presented a report on the activities that flourished during the jubilee: concerts; pilgrimages to Portugal and France; Eucharistic adoration for 24 hours; sacrament of reconciliation for young people.

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