Xi-Trump meeting offers promise of greater dialogue and a visit to China

For the US president, there has been "tremendous progress" in friendship. The two sides agree to a 100-day plan to address the trade imbalance. Chinese are silent on North Korea and maritime disputes. The US was silent cooperation in the fight against corruption.

Mar-a-Lago (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Nothing much can be said about the two-day visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Donald Trump, his US counterpart.

Against the lavish and fabulous backdrop of the US leader’s huge estate, the two agreed that Trump would visit China, and that the countries would enhance economic and military discussions.

Few details have emerged so far. Still, for the US president, “tremendous progress” has been made.

"Both the atmosphere and the chemistry between the two leaders was positive," said US Secretary of State Mr Tillerson, who added that Trump plans to visit China this year, but gave any timeframe.

The two sides agreed to a 100-day plan to discuss trade to address the US trade deficit with China, said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.  No details were given. However, "I think that's a very important symbolisation of the growing rapport between the two countries," Mr Ross said.

Media reported that the focus is now on a new ‘US-China comprehensive dialogue’ headed by the two presidents. This will be based on four pillars: diplomacy and security, economics, law enforcement and cyber security, and social and cultural issues. The new approach is meant to replace the previous "Strategic and Economic Dialogue".

In his statements, Tillerson mentioned North Korea and maritime disputes in the South China Sea. Xi failed to mention either issue, according to what was reported in Xinhua.  Both however cited greater military cooperation between the two countries.

The Chinese also noted that the two countries plan to work together to fight corruption, making it easier for the US to repatriate to China corrupt fugitives. The US statement failed to mention this.