Cairo gives one million liters of fuel to prevent the collapse of Gaza

The Strip now has two hours of electricity per day. The power plant will return to work in the next few hours. Last week, Hamas leaders met with Egyptian officials.

Gaza (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Cairo is sending fuel to the only power station in Gaza to avoid the collapse of the Strip caught amid energy crisis and tensions. Yesterday, 22 trucks with one million liters of fuel crossed the Rafah pass, the only entry point to Gaza not controlled by Israel.

Gaza crashed into the dark after the end of fuel in April and the reduction in Israeli energy supply four days ago. The daily electric supply has shrunk to two hours a day, against the two shifts of eight hours in April.

In the past, Qatar provided assistance to the Strip, but the current diplomatic crisis in the Gulf has brought about a change of scenario and intervention of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The power plant will return to work in the next few hours. Samir Metir, General Manager of the Gaza Power Company, asserts that this will allow the plant to run at "full-rate for two days and low-rate for three".

Recently, Egypt had pressured the Gaza government to reach an agreement on anti-terrorism security measures. Last week, some Hamas leaders, Egyptian officials, and Mohammad Dahlane, the exiled rival to Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, met in Cairo.