Kolkata, Muslim students promote respect for human dignity

The Students Islamic Organisation of India is behind the initiative. Over two weeks, young people will promote respect for life throughout the country. This comes after a series of violent actions against Dalit and Muslims. Symposia, seminars and public lectures are on the agenda. The campaign is meant to glorify “the very tenets of humankind”.

Kolkata (AsiaNews/Agencies) – A Muslim student organisation has launched a national campaign to defend human dignity in India.

The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) presented its initiative in Kolkata, West Bengal, on Wednesday. Over a two-week period, young people will promote of respect for human life across the country.

The initiative follows a number of violent episodes– lynching, attacks and discriminatory acts – against Dalits and Muslims, which have threatened human life.

“Living with dignity is a God-gifted fundamental right of mankind,” said Abdul Hamid, SIO’s public relations secretary.

Titled ‘Rejecting Victimhood | Reclaiming Dignity | Up Against Hate’, the campaign was presented at the Kolkata Press Club.

Organisers noted that the campaign is an attempt to thwart the “Hindutva-stained nationalistic patriotism that the present BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)-led central government along with RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are trying to formulate.”

For the SIO, the latest discriminatory policies against minorities, such as the Union-wide beef ban, have led to cow vigilantism and the killing of many innocent people.

“As far as the present social, political scenario of India is concerned, the rights of oppressed communities are being severely violated,” Hamid said. “All unprivileged communities, Muslims, Dalits alike, are going through a very grave situation.”

For this reason, students have decided to speak out organising symposia, seminars and public lectures in numerous cities and villages across the country. They plan to fight for everyone's life.

The campaign aims “at glorifying the very tenets of humankind, including living with the dignity that is now being deprived by the politicisation of human ethos in a false consciously fabricated nationalistic patriotism, masterminded by the Hindutva ideology of the BJP-RSS.”