Israeli raids on Gaza: 4 Palestinians killed

The raids are in response to three missiles launched from the Strip that did not cause  any victims. 217 Palestinians injured in the demonstrations in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Protests against Trump's decision on Jerusalem in many Arab and Islamic countries.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - An early morning Israeli air-raid on Gaza killed two people. Two other killed people were found today under the rubble of a building struck yesterday by other Israeli raids in response to missile launches from the Strip, which have not caused any victims.

The Israeli army has announced that it has targeted Hamas "bomb production sites, a weapons depot, a military base". Today's raids hit a base in Nusseirat, in the center of the Strip; those of yesterday destroyed some buildings in Beit Lahiya, in the north of the territory under the Hamas government.

Yesterday there were demonstrations and protests in Gaza and in the occupied Palestinian territories in what was called a "day of rage" against the decision of US President Donald Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the latter as the capital of Israel instead of Tel Aviv.

Yesterday  three missiles were launched from Gaza. One of them hit the Israeli city of Sderot, but - according to the Israeli army - the missile did not explode. Another missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. The third was lost and does not seem to have reached Israeli territory.

Israel's military raids have killed four and 16 wounded, including women and children.

217 Palestinians were injured in the clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.
Trump's decision is fueling protests in many Arab and Islamic countries. Thousands of people marched in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Tunisia, Iran. There were also demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir (India) and Indonesia.