Last night at 2 am: Cross torn from Luoyang church (Video)

Rome (AsiaNews) - Last night at 2:00 am, using cranes, the authorities of Luoyang (Henan) tore down the cross from the top of the church in Zili Street n. 68. In the video you can hear the sorrowful voices of some faithful watching the demolition. Yesterday we gave news of other crosses destroyed in Zhumadian (Henan) and in Wenzhou (Zhejiang).

Under the mantle of "Sinicization", which aims to absorb religions into Chinese culture, government authorities and the United Front are tearing down crosses, destroying churches, erasing religious decorations on the outside and even inside of sacred buildings. The decisions for such violence are notified only a few hours before, to avoid the gatherings and resistance of the faithful.

The provinces of Henan and Zhejiang are much more affected because these are the regions with a high percentage of Christians (Catholics and Protestants).