Mysore Muslims pray for Christian victims of Sri Lanka
by Nirmala Carvalho

The event was organized by the local branch of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. In Mangalore another Muslim group held a silent protest against attacks. Islamic leader: "We show solidarity with Christians, as they did following the attack on mosques in New Zealand".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - Hundreds of Muslims gathered outside the church of St. Filomena in Mysore (Karnataka) to express solidarity with the Christian victims of the attacks on Easter Day against three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka.

The gathering took place on Sunday 28 April, while Mass was held inside. At the same time the Muslim faithful, in meditation outside the place of Christian worship, sent a powerful message: "Hate cannot divide unity".

The gathering was organized by local leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JeI), who asked Muslims to participate. In Mangalore, another Muslim group held a silent protest to condemn the massacres in Sri Lanka, which claimed at least 253 victims and over 500 wounded.

JeI Mysore president, Munawwar Pasha, said that Muslims and other religious communities "are close to Christians in this moment of pain". He released an audio message inviting the followers of Islam to show their solidarity, which immediately became viral.

The Islamic leader recalls that similar attacks have also taken place recently in New Zealand mosques "and people from various communities have shown closeness to Muslims. Mosques in all parts of the world have received messages of solidarity and offers of protection from Christians, Jews and Sikhs ". Sri Lanka, he added, "suffered a terrible attack on Easter Sunday. The churches were attacked while their communities were praying, just as happened [with the mosques in Christchurch] in New Zealand."