Bishop of Alotau, new inquiries to verify police actions

A special inquiry to investigate some agents accused of having started fires by the bishop, who his being sued for defamation as a result.


Port Moresby (AsiaNews) - Protests against agents of the Mobile Squad Task Force, accused of setting fire to 19 houses in the Daga residential complex, will reportedly be followed up. The police claimed that the population of Daga Compound housed criminals - an accusation denied by the residents, who claim instead they were aiding the needy - and the agents were drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The facts were reported by Msgr. Rolando Santos, Filipino bishop of Alotau, (in the photo) who for this was accused of defamation by the police, leading to his arrest along with the diocesan secretary for education, Gregory Nimagole - who had his house set on fire - accused of having spread false information online.

Now it seems to have been decided that a special investigation team will take care of the matter and that there will be a reorganization of the local police.

As for those who are the victims of the incident, who currently living in tents, they will reportedly be given cheap housing.

For his part, Msgr. Santos, in a letter published by the CbcpNews, a news agency of the Philippine Bishops' Conference, explains that he made the story public so that "people know the truth about what had happened and an impartial investigation was done to prevent this kind of atrocities repeated. I found it atrocious and difficult to justify the burning of homes without warning, without a court order and without giving people the chance to be heard and defend themselves."