Diyarbakır, the wife of murdered Korean missionary forgives his killer
by Marian Demir

The Pastor's bride, Jung In Jiang, wrote to the 16-year-old young man who killed her husband asking him why and promising she will prayer for him. The woman decided to stay in Diyarbakir and to bury her husband's ashes there.

Istanbul (AsiaNews) - The wife of the Korean missionary killed on November 19 last, wrote a letter to her husband's murderer offering him forgiveness. The news was carried in yesterday's Hürriyet newspaper.

Korean pastor Jin Wook Kim, 41, was stabbed by a 16-year-old youth. The Turkish authorities claim that he, "a drug addict",  killed in an attempted robbery. Instead, several local Christians speak of "martyrdom" and denounce a situation of threats and violence.

The woman, Jung In Jiang, wrote the letter to the young murderer asking him why he did what he did, while assuring him of her forgiveness and  prayer so that he too could go to heaven.

Pastor Kim had resided in Turkey for five years and had recently moved with his family to Diyarbakir. Five days after her husband was killed, Jung In Jiang gave birth to a baby girl. The woman said she wanted to stay in Diyarbakir, and wanted to bury her husband's ashes there.

In the past few days, videos have been released that show Jin Wook Kim having a conversation with the murderer, while sipping tea at a café table.