North Koreans celebrate Kim Il-sung, the Father of the Nation (photos)

The grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un was a trusted Soviet ally. Historians have doubts about his role in the anti-Japanese resistance. He founded the first communist dynasty in history. After his death, the country entered a period of crisis.

Seoul (AsiaNews) – Twenty-sex years after his death, the people of North Korea honoured Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong-un and founder of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948, placing flowers at the foot of his statue in the capital.

Yesterday the country’s leaders, with his grandson leading the way, visited his mausoleum, Kumsusan Sun Palace.

A trusted Soviet ally, Kim started the first communist dynasty in history (the Castros of Cuba are the other one). However, historians are divided over his actual role in the anti-Japanese resistance during World War II.

After his death, and without the support of the Soviet empire, which had collapsed three years earlier, the country went from one economic crisis to another.

(Photo Yonhap)

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