'Giggs', radio journalist, and his wife arrested for 'funding young secessionists'

The journalist's secretary was also arrested. "Giggs" (Wan Yiu-sing) has a program in which he often discusses pro-democracy demonstrations and he had opened a fundraiser to help Hong Kong youth who went to Taiwan to study. Police suspect these young people are involved in secession activities.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Wan Yiu-sing, an internet radio reporter and his wife were arrested this morning on suspicion of money laundering and financing of secessionist activities. The news was reported by the couple's lawyer and a note on Wan's Facebook page, familiarly called "Giggs". His secretary was also arrested for money laundering.

"Giggs" (in the photo) hosts a program on the D100 channel, in which he often addressed issues related to last year’s pro-democracy demonstrations. In February he also opened a fundraiser to help young people from Hong Kong who go to Taiwan to study.

Police believe this money is used to finance young people who fled Hong Kong because they are involved in secession activities, punishable under the new security law, wanted by Beijing for the territory. The law prohibits and punishes acts and activities of secession, subversion, terrorism and collaboration with foreign forces that endanger national security.

According to the special national security police, those arrested used part of these funds to send them to organizations engaged in secessionist activities.

Requested by various media to give more details, political commissioner Chris Tang said he could not reveal more details, given that the investigation is still ongoing.