Filipino clergymen call for greater commitment against society's ills
At the end of its annual meeting, the Association of Major Religious Superiors of Men in the Philippines released a statement pledging their commitment to fight poverty, corruption, and environmental degradation.



Cebu (AsiaNews/CBCP) – For the Association Major Religious Superiors of Men in the Philippines (AMRSMP), the Philippines needs a more decisive action in the social field and must pay special attention to problems like poverty, corruption and political killings.

The association, which met last week in Cebu, released a statement in which they pledged to fight political killings, environmental destruction, and corruption.

"We have spent time in reflecting on the conditions of the people we serve and we are compelled to address the concerns that plague our society today," it said.

AMRSMP represents the major congregations of priests, consecrated laymen and missionaries in the country.

Its female counterpart met instead last June. On that occasion, it called on government leaders "to pay more attention to the Filipinos who are suffering".

The Religious Superiors of Women "urged their fellow sisters around country, as well as the laity, to live according to the calling God sent them, getting involved and exposing social ills prevailing in society."

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