Kirkuk hopes in dialogue yet
Shiite and Sunni Imams of different ethnic groups visited Archbishop Sako to deliver Christmas greetings. Witnesses of the encounter underlined a “shared desire for mutual understanding and peace.”

Kirkuk (AsiaNews) – Shiite and Sunni imams in Kirkuk went in person to deliver Christmas greetings to the Chaldean archbishop, Mgr Louis Sako, in an atmosphere characterized by “sincere will of dialogue and mutual understanding”.


The Iraqi diocesan clergy informed AsiaNews about the meeting: “A delegation of Muslim religious leaders, Muslims, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens, visited the Chaldean archbishop’s residence of Kirkuk to deliver best wishes to Christians for Christmas.”


Those present said that “during the meeting with Mgr Sako and priests of the diocese, both parties expressed the shared objective of attaining pacific coexistence between the different local communities. They stressed the need to increase reciprocal visits to heighten awareness.”


Some citizens of Kirkuk said: “In a context like the Iraqi one, such events raise hopes that all is not lost, and that dialogue and understanding could distance tragedy and dangerous social divisions.”