Victims range in age from three months to four years with fever, skin rashes, colds, and vomiting for months. Health facility applied expired vaccines for at least 10 years, threatening the health of 21,000 children. The government bans media report, calls in riot police.

| 11/01/2019

Dr Christo Thomas Philip worked in a Bihar hospital. In 2016 he was stopped at New Delhi’s airport and deported to Istanbul. For Mgr Mascarenhas, “everyone has the right to freely practice their faith”.

| 11/01/2019

Over 2,000 people have fled Namtu and Hsipaw, two townships in northern Shan state. Refugees found shelter in nine temporary refugee camps in Hsipaw and two in Namtu. Armed men abducted ten villagers from Kyan Kyar Kyaing.

| 11/01/2019

Hundreds of Catholic families from Lộc Hưng have lost everything. Many are poor, students, former prisoners of conscience and South Vietnamese army veterans. “I call on the people of good will, both inside and outside Vietnam, to support the victims of the land seizure in their struggle for justice and dignity,” writes the Bishop of Parramatta (Australia).

| 11/01/2019

Shinzo Abe met Theresa May in the British capital. Many fear a "messy" exit from the European Union. The new deal, which will be worked out over the coming months, is described as ambitious, building on the EU-Japan deal.

| 11/01/2019

In the preface to the book "Evangelii gaudium con don Bosco", Francis writes that the Salesian is "an optimist by nature, he knows how to look at children with positive realism". "The Salesians - he writes - have trained me in beauty, at work and in being very happy". "They helped me grow without fear, without obsessions". "They helped me to move forward in joy and prayer".

| 11/01/2019
by Wang Zhicheng

The telecom giant has its European headquarters in Poland. The United Kingdom, Germany and France are putting on hold Huawei technologies over allegations of links with China’s secret services. Companies linked to Huawei are said to have violated the embargo against Iran and Syria.

| 11/01/2019
by Sandra Awad*

A celebration of lights and shadows, between decorated streets, illuminated Christmas trees and neighborhoods still in the dark due to lack of electricity. A parade with songs and dances, to bring back a happiness forgotten because of the conflict. When the desire for redemption overcomes wounds caused by the conflict. AsiaNews shares Caritas Syria’s Christmas story.

| 11/01/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

On February 3rd, Epifanyj enthronement ceremony. It is also his birthday. The ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew promises to visit Ukraine in the coming weeks. Orthodox churches close to Moscow - Cyprus, Syria, Bulgaria - are opposed to Kiev's autocephaly. Supporters, in addition to Constantinople, include Greece, Egypt and perhaps Albania and Romania.

| 11/01/2019

From 2.5 million barrels per day of pre-sanctions, it has been reduced to less than one million. Some traditional buyers like Taiwan have blocked trade for "lack of clarity on payments". The Islamic Republic looking for new buyers, but keeps the names hidden.

| 11/01/2019

The bishops gathered in Synod in Kochi, Kerala. The Indian Church has come under the spotlight for the story of Msgr. Franco Mulakkal, accused of raping a nun. The new "Safe environment policy", bring laity on board.

| 11/01/2019
by Paul Wang

Cardinals John Tong, Joseph Zen, auxiliary bishop Joseph Ha, priests from China, Muslim representatives, Buddhists, Taoists present at the Funeral Mass in the Cathedral. The head of the executive, Carrie Lam, also took part. The representative of the Holy See read the telegram from Pope Francis. Msgr. Ma Daqin, bishop of Shangahi under house arrest, recalled Msgr. Yeung in his blog.

| 11/01/2019
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For Mgr Georges Abou Khazen, the jihadist threat is still present but only the Syrian military should fight it. Jihadism is an ideology that must be eradicated. IS suicide bomber kills 21 people in Mandij. Refugees continue to leave eastern Syria. Erdogan’s ...
| 17/01/2019
by Stefano Caprio*
The young bishop, 44, is responsible for the Churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in 13 European countries. The new Exarchate was revived after the break between Constantinople and Moscow over autocephaly granted to Ukraine. In the recent Synod of Moscow, ...
| 05/01/2019
by P. Luo Wen
Luo Wen explains why Msgr. Guo Xijin accepted Pope Francis's request, resigning as ordinary bishop to give way to formerly excommunicated Msgr. Zha Silu. The underground Church of Mindong was "faithful" to the Pope when they were asked not to celebrate ...
| 20/12/2018
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