Chaired by Pope Tawadros II, the Council held its sixth meeting since it was founded in 2013. Its goals include interfaith dialogue and greater Christian presence in politics and society. The fight against terrorism and constructive dialogue have had a positive feedback in terms of tolerance.

| 12/02/2019

NGOs complain about the crackdown on their work. NGOs are needed in India for children's education, support for the sick and help for the poor. For John Dayal, the Hindu nationalist party is against Western governments when they “raise questions about the treatment of Christians, Muslims and Dalits."

| 12/02/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

The author, Alex Van Arkadie, is a retired FAO official. For workers who go abroad in search of fortune, the main obstacle is the local language.

| 12/02/2019

The Internet is undermining religious education in families and traditional educational institutions. As many faithful abandon mosques, radical groups use them to spread their ideology. For experts, mosques should be revived to fight absolutism.

| 12/02/2019

China released a video showing a famous musician to quash Turkey’s charge that he died in a concentration camp. Now activists and members of the Uyghur diaspora are demanding videos of their own missing relatives. Under the hashtag #MeTooUyghur, they have posted the names and pictures of their missing loved ones.

| 12/02/2019

A South Korean delegation of 250 people arrives in North Korea. They will stay for two days at Mount Kumgang. It is the first inter-Korean civil event this year. Prohibit cameras, laptops and other equipment: fault of the sanctions.

| 12/02/2019

The blaze broke out on the attic of the Hotel Arpit Palace. Rescue slowed by the presence of wood panels in the corridors. Safety standards are under investigation: it seems that a kitchen was created on the top floor.

| 12/02/2019

One of the most impressive operations launched against the (alleged) supporters of the Islamic preacher, in exile in the US. The investigations started from the capital, and then extended to other 75 provinces of the country. Since July 2016 almost 80 thousand people have been jailed, another 150 thousand have lost their jobs.

| 12/02/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The visit of a bishop of the autocephalous Church fuels discussion in the monasteries. The need to take a position was solicited by Metropolitan Ilarion (Alfeev) of the Patriarchate of Moscow, who condemned all the monks favorable to Kiev as "schismatic".

| 12/02/2019
by Peter Tran

Communist authorities demolished at least 112 homes in Lộc Hưng on land owned by the Paris Foreign Missions Society. For the bishop emeritus of Kontum, even if they treat “us with cruelty, we continue to love them as our brothers and sisters."

| 12/02/2019
Editor's choices
by Bernardo Cervellera
The criticism:  "just words";  it "has a theosophical foundation". In reality, the document traces the path for cooperation in all fields: for the rebirth of the religious dimension to counter nihilistic materialism; for the defense of life ...
| 05/02/2019
The historic document promotes "world peace and living together", dialogue and identity whilst rejecting violence and terrorism. Religion should not include any compulsion. The document calls for the promotion of the status of woman and respect for n...
| 04/02/2019
In his address to the interfaith meeting in Abu Dhabi, Francis said that religions must oppose violence and war. Education and justice are "the wings" of peace. Human fraternity and the right of citizenship, i.e. equality between citizens, can ensure ...
| 04/02/2019
For the Chaldean primate, persecution in the region is one of the pontiff’s main concerns. Francis will try to turn the page in Christian-Muslim relations and renew the journey of peace. The visit could also help Iraqi Christians and give them ...
| 04/02/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera
Pope Francis travels to the Emirates from February 3 to 5. An area marked by enormous wealth, abysmal injustices, cruel wars, political-religious dictatorships. Coexistence between religions and peoples. Migrants in the UAE (80% of the population) are ...
| 01/02/2019
For Mgr Georges Abou Khazen, the jihadist threat is still present but only the Syrian military should fight it. Jihadism is an ideology that must be eradicated. IS suicide bomber kills 21 people in Mandij. Refugees continue to leave eastern Syria. Erdogan’s ...
| 17/01/2019
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