Rosemarie Perez and her 13-year-old son Rohan, born in Israel, repatriated after a brief legal battle.  The boy has never seen the Philippines.  A similar situation to hundreds of other immigrant workers and which worries the Church.  Bishop Marcuzzo: a "very serious" problem, the result of "extreme right" policies to reduce the non-Jewish population.


| 13/08/2019

Last year the island welcomed over 6 million tourists, about 40 per cent of the 15.8 million tourists who visited the country. Indonesia’s president wants to expand the Indonesian tourist industry via a ‘10 new Bali’ initiative. In 2018 Indonesian tourism grew by 7.8 per cent, twice the global average.

| 13/08/2019
by Kamran Chaudhry

National Minorities Day was established thanks to Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic minister who killed for defending Asia Bibi. Christians are discriminated against in the workplace and ignored in school books. In 2018, 16 people were charged for alleged blasphemy.

| 13/08/2019

In a message published today, the pontiff expresses closeness to all those who have been touched by the tragedy and acknowledges that he does not have "pre-packaged answers". He does however reach out to the people of the city, saying "you are not alone", entrusting to Christ "our questions, our pain, our anger", urging people to look “towards the Madonna della Guardia", and calling for reconstruction in solidarity, together with the Church of Genoa.

| 13/08/2019

Repatriation will take place over the course of a year in two or three batches. In Thailand, the victims of trafficking are mainly exploited workers, beggars or sex slaves. Thailand will also send irregular migrants back to Myanmar.

| 13/08/2019
by Wang Zhicheng

Lekima is the ninth typhoon in 2019, and the strongest to date.  The torrential rains - up to 732 mm - causes rivers to overflow, which flooded entire counties.  Damage to agriculture, homes, communications.


| 13/08/2019

Extra-luxury religious tourism is growing in conjunction with the Hajj.  Some rooms also cost $ 1000 a night and for the period of the largest pilgrimage, can see up to $ 25,000 being spent per person.  Structures overlooking the Kaaba in greatest demand.  Analysts and experts speak of a phenomenon linked to religious tourism.



| 13/08/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The toll of flood victims rose to 184, as well as one million displaced people.  Msgr. Derek Fernandes managed to get to Kadra, in Karnataka, where the waters receded.  The population has lost everything;  the main concern is the spread of epidemics.

| 13/08/2019
by Paul Wang

In a press conference, the head of the executive continues to defend her work and that of the police.  Appeal amid tears: Restore order;  then dialogue.  Even the police defend themselves, accused of too much violence.  In one day, the anti-extradition movement raises funds of 15 million Hong Kong dollars.  Airport reopened.


| 13/08/2019
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| 25/06/2019
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