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by Bernardo Cervellera
The green light for the national security law, has saddened a large part of the Territory's population while the social networks on the mainland celebrate. The "war" between China and the USA, regardless of the rights of the local population. ...
| 29/05/2020
by Dario Salvi
The Syrian priest, who was held in Syria by the Islamic State group for five months, says people should not judge the Italian aid worker’s decision to convert. She was held by al-Shabaab in Somalia for 18 months. In such a situation, "even one ...
| 15/05/2020
The Taiwanese vice president accuses Beijing. Taipei asks to take part as an observer state. For the Chinese, Taiwan is not a sovereign state. Among the 15 diplomatic allies of the island, only the Vatican has not expressed support for its participation. ...
| 15/05/2020
by Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)
China and the world silent before news of crosses torn down from churches in Henan and Anhui. Acceptance of violence "the only thing granted" to Christians in China. Nationalism is destroying justice and humanity. The Jesuit magazine removed. The Wuhan ...
| 29/04/2020
"If the world lives for money, anyone who demonstrates that life can be fulfilled in the gift and renunciation becomes a nuisance for the greed system." “The drama of persecution is also the place of liberation from subjection to the world’s ...
| 29/04/2020
by Vladimir Rozanskij
All the main hierarchical structures of the Russian Orthodox Church are grappling with “corona" problems: Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, many other large cities, the main monasteries, seminaries and theological academies. Priests who disobey the measures ...
| 29/04/2020
Paddy Cutting
India - 14 May prayer
Orissa Migrants
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