by Paolo Fossati

The activist is the general secretary of the Coalition of Indonesian women for justice and democracy. Her organisation has led the campaign to raise the minimum age for marriage, bringing the issue before the Constitutional Court where tragic stories of some "child brides" were heard.

| 20/09/2019

Before the war, it took 48 Syrian pounds to buy a US dollar, now it takes 700. Inflation is holding back imports, especially life-saving drugs, like those for chemotherapy. For Bishop Abou Khazen, the military war has morphed into an economic war. He wants the sanctions regime to be ended before “things get worse”.

| 20/09/2019
by Sumon Corraya

Because of the Rohingya, “local people have to face immense suffering,” said the prime minister. In Cox’s Bazar camps, crime is up, including robberies, murders, prostitution, and drugs. Bangladeshi authorities cut telecommunications, sparking protest by activists and NGOs.

| 20/09/2019

The scholar was sentenced to life 2014 for his alleged support for the Uyghur ethnic separatist cause. In reality, he has always tried to reduce tensions with the Han majority. Human rights groups have appealed to the UN to condemn Beijing’s camps.

| 20/09/2019

The people of God are invited to pray for bishops and priests to have these neighborhoods, "for your leaders": "those who lead you on the way to salvation".


| 20/09/2019

The Emperor is keeping with a tradition established by his grandfather, Hirohito, monitoring the stages of rice cultivation to reflect upon farmers’ hard work. He reaped 100 loads of up to average rice stalks.

| 20/09/2019

The Pacific island makes an unofficial announcement. The countries that recognize Taiwan drop to 15, including the Vatican. Beijing has long implemented a "checkbook diplomacy" to push Taiwan's allies - often very poor countries - to abandon the diplomatic recognition of the "rebel island".

| 20/09/2019

In the last 30 months the number of economic migrants has fallen by 20%. Behind the crisis a tax regime that is too high and an economy in difficulty. In the second quarter of 2019 at least 132 thousand people have left. Riyadh has introduced targeted taxes on foreign employees and austerity measures.

| 20/09/2019

Fr. Binoy John denounces that the prison guards gave him the wrong drugs "with the intention of killing me little by little". The priest has heart problems, but was treated for a simple fever. He will be transferred to Kerala, where he comes from, as soon as his health permits.

| 20/09/2019
by Stepan Chebrets

The priest, one of the closest followers of the martyr Fr. Alexandr Men, is among the signatories of the open letter in defense of those arrested for the demonstrations in Moscow. "Every priest is also a good citizen, who cares about the life of his country". "We have to work with young people, it's a fundamental issue."

| 20/09/2019
by Wang Zhicheng

In the Year of the Pig, the price of pork grew by 46.7% until August. Fears for the economy and inflation. Many people point to Xi Jinping as the person responsible for this crisis: to counter the US, he opened to meat imports from Russia, known to be the most affected by swine fever. In a year at least 200 million animals were killed or died from illness. Sale of meat from strategic reserves.

| 20/09/2019
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