by Alberto Caccaro

The ceremony will be led by Card Becciu in the cathedral of Crema. Fr Cremonesi spent more than 30 years of his life on mission in what was then Burma. He was called "perpetual motion" because of his restlessness and passion for evangelisation. “if I were born a thousand times, I’d go back on mission a thousand times,” he said. The faithful acknowledged his martyrdom right away.

| 17/10/2019

A study of 99 low- and middle-income countries reports that 123 million children died between 2000 and 2017. The main causes vary with age. Overall in 17 years child mortality dropped by half, from 10 to 5.4 million.

| 17/10/2019

About 33,000 homes are under water with some 1,700 destroyed. Japan’s Defence Ministry mobilised 31,000 soldiers and 200 reserve members. Naruhito's enthronement ceremony will be moved to 10 November.

| 17/10/2019

The parish priest of the diocese of Amadiya confirms the exodus underway from the eastern sector of Syria. The regional government is preparing to welcome them, but lack sufficient resources. Erdogan snubs Trump and his emissaries, but accepts Putin's invitation. Increasingly insistent rumors of a reorganization of the Islamic State, jihadists returning to Mosul.

| 17/10/2019

Sr Lucy Kalappura was expelled from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation last August. For her superiors, she broke the rules of the community. The Apostolic Nuncio, Mgr Giambattista Diquattro delivered the note. Mgr Franco Mulakkal is on trial charged with the rape of a nun.

| 17/10/2019

Adriana Elisabeth, head of the Center for Political Studies at the Indonesia Institute of Sciences, talks about the situation in Papua. In Indonesia, anti-Papuan racism is a widespread. Since 19 August, several protests have turned violent. The government must better understand the human rights situation and not limit itself to political aspects. It must take an interest in local economic realities and socio-cultural issues.

| 17/10/2019

The US-China trade war, excess capacity built up in the past ten years, and flight from expensive areas are the main causes. In Shenzhen rental discounts can reach 50 per cent. The International Monetary Fund cuts Chinese growth forecast.

| 17/10/2019
by Kamel Abderrahmani

The two buildings are in the same province and are the Church of the Gospel of Tizi Ouzou and the Church of Makouda. Religious leaders: "We remain confident, the Lord is faithful!" Since January 2018, the authorities have sealed 15 Christian places of worship. "Muslim fellow citizens alongside the Christians".

| 17/10/2019

An environmental disaster with two faces: solidarity among citizens and the lack of readiness institutions. These are the worst fires since 2007; originating in the western mountains the fires surrounded urban centers, including Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon. The courage and altruism of women religious, students and parents of the Carmelite St. Joseph school in Mechref.

| 17/10/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The initiative of the Diocese of Sindhudurg is inspired by that of Goa and Daman, who published the first Romi Konkani translation in the language. 8 thousand copies were printed for distribution to villages and cities. The text will renew the spirit of the Christian community in the extraordinary missionary month.

| 17/10/2019
by Paul Wang

He suffered injury to his arms and head. In late August he was attacked in a restaurant with baseball bats and knives. So far at least 9 personalities of the anti-extradition movement have been attacked by unknown thugs. The government condemns the attack as "unacceptable". More insults and interruptions for Carrie Lam.

| 17/10/2019
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