At a press conference titled “Preparing the future, building peace in the time of COVID-19,” Card Turkson said: “As the world takes emergency measures to address a global pandemic and a global economic recession, both underpinned by a global climate emergency, we must also consider the implications for peace of these interconnected crises.”

| 07/07/2020

Following an initial boom at the beginning of the pandemic, many factories in the sector have closed their doors. With over 200 million masks produced per day, excess production has closed factories down. Left without a job, workers protest over unpaid arrears. About 350 euros per month to produce 3 thousand sanitary masks.

| 07/07/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho

Bishop Emmanuel Kerketta of Jashpur had plans to expand a local mission, but everything is on hold because of Hindu opposition. A new parish priest is under quarantine because of COVID-19. The diocese has about 200,000 members, mostly farmers and farmworkers, “poor but very generous”.

| 07/07/2020
by Mathias Hariyadi

The 16 postulants come from several dioceses across the nation, including the archdiocese of Pontianak, the diocese of Sanggau - both in the province of western Kalimantan - and the diocese of Malang in the province of East Java.

| 07/07/2020
by Sumon Corraya

Famous for his soundtracks, folk songs and Christian hymns, the 65-year-old musician was a member of the country’s Anglican church. He battled a lymphoma for a long time. For Card Patrick D’Rozario, the singer and his music will always live in people's hearts.

| 07/07/2020
by Wang Zhicheng

Yesterday the stock market rose to +5.71: a 25.29% jump from last March. The gains are the result of ease of access to liquidity. Warnings of bubonic plague in Inner Mongolia: A partial lockdown for the city of Bayan Nur. Due to the closure of many firms during the pandemic, at least 80 million jobs have been lost, not to mention the lives of over 300 million migrants, not figured in official statistics.

| 07/07/2020

Work went on during pandemic despite "restrictions,” Catholic volunteer noted. Volunteers and some refugees helped to make masks and sanitisers. People in urgent need are “fragile,” said a priest in Bangkok. Health crisis has increased inequalities.

| 07/07/2020

The United States did not provide sufficient "evidence" of threat of an impending attack. Agnes Callamard reports the operation violates the United Nations Charter, but the international community has remained largely silent. Soleimani did not pose a threat to the US and the rest of the world.

| 07/07/2020

The academician was charged with "soliciting prostitution ". He was suspended from teaching for an article against Xi's lifetime presidency. He was also critical of the regime’s pandemic management. The Communist Party is leveraging the fight against coronavirus to crack down on dissident intellectuals.

| 07/07/2020
by Fady Noun

In his Sunday homily, Card al-Rahi laid out the bases for a new Lebanon that is sovereign and protected from foreign attacks. To this end, he addressed an appeal to the country’s political leaders, one that should not be seen as partisan. Lebanon’s foreign minister is in Rome today.

| 07/07/2020
Editor's choices
by Bernardo Cervellera
A private US company, Recorded Future, detected the espionage operation against the mail servers of the Vatican Secretariat of State, the Diocese of Hong Kong, and the Holy See’s Study Mission in Hong Kong, which acts as a quasi-nunciature. PIME’s ...
| 29/07/2020
A few months before the expiration of the Provisional Agreement on appointing new bishops, lay people, priests and bishops wonder about the effects it has had on the life of Christian communities in China. The Vatican is hoping to renew the agreement; ...
| 16/07/2020
by Wang Zhicheng
The blackmail of the Jinzhou authorities: you can reopen the churches - after the pandemic - if you ban entry to minors. Mgr. Jia Zhiguo, 83, has been a bishop since 1980 and is responsible for a community of over 150,000 faithful, with a hundred priests ...
| 10/07/2020
by Marian Demir
Since yesterday, pro-Erdogan Turkish media are reporting that the Council of State has already "unanimously" decided to transform the Christian basilica into a mosque. But the legal reasons for the "right of the sword" are not "Islamic". Pro-Kurdish ...
| 10/07/2020
National security law “threatens to undermine freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and academic freedom. Freedom of religion and belief is also under threat. According to many reports, freedom of religion and belief ...
| 06/07/2020
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