The US president is the preferred choice because of his hardline against China. Others argue that his anti-democratic positions tend to favour China. Only a few countries support Trump, but for a former US ambassador to China, Chinese leaders want Biden.

| 30/10/2020

Voters in the small Caucasian nation must choose their parliament at a time of economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. For observers, the country’s future hangs between Europe and Russia. Exiled former President Saakashvili is trying to make a comeback. Opposition groups are seeking unity but opinion polls favour the ruling party.

| 30/10/2020

In a telegram of condolences, Pope Francis cites his “generous service to the Church in Malaysia and his longstanding commitment to the promotion of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue”.

| 30/10/2020

In April, King Salman cancelled capital punishment for minors, but Saudi prosecutors continue to demand it. For Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia uses "spin doctors" to claim progress that has yet to materialise. In one case, one of the accused was nine at the time of the alleged crime.

| 30/10/2020
by Shafique Khokhar

The High Court also ordered that no arrests take place. The girl had been kidnapped, converted to Islam and married to a 44-year-old man, Ali Azhar. The Commission for Justice and Peace in Pakistan also denounces the "many other incidents of this type that are not reported". Forced conversions have become the major tool of persecution against Christians and Hindus.

| 30/10/2020

The guidelines set for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) and those of a medium-term strategy renamed “Vision 2035”. Focus on technological self-sufficiency and growth of domestic consumption. Hong Kong remains central. Create an army equal in strength to that of the USA by 2027. Decoupling from Washington is considered unrealistic.

| 30/10/2020

Breathonix, a start-up linked to the national university, has developed a test similar to the breathalyser for alcohol. 90% reliability, but work is underway to make it even more accurate. The goal is a green light for use by the first quarter of 2021.

| 30/10/2020

Shahidunnabi Jewel, with probable mental problems, had entered the local mosque saying that it housed a group of radical jihadists. A second person was wounded. Local authorities had tried to save the two victims from the attack. The police send reinforcements to calm the situation.

| 30/10/2020

Brahim Aouissaoui is a 21-year-old young man who arrived in France a few days before the attack. For the head of the anti-terrorism services, the target would be the Catholic Church. But yesterday there were other abortive attacks: in Jeddah, in Lyon, in Avignon. They were targeting France. Yesterday was the Muslim festival of Walid, in honor of the birth of Muhammad. Prayers in all the churches of France for the victims of Nice and for an end to the violence. Secularism and blasphemy.

| 30/10/2020
by Paul Wang

Informers’ identity will be protected. Hotline is in place to allow informers to snitch on last year’s pro-democracy protests.  Since Hong Kong’s national security law came into effect, police have arrested 22 men and six women.

| 30/10/2020
Editor's choices
by Nirmala Carvalho
Bishop Machado: Violence against women and girls has become a chronic disease and a spiritual failure. Two days ago, two other 8 and 12-year-old girls were found dead with rape marks and eye injuries.
| 18/11/2020
by Vladimir Rozanskij
Lukashenko stated this in an interview on the website yesterday. Protests against fraud in presidential elections exceede 100 consecutive days. Police continue arrests even in private homes. New economic sanctions are on the way against Belarusian ...
| 18/11/2020
by Bernardo Cervellera
The new cardinal of Brunei describes his Church and the mission that characterizes it based on education, friendship, the dialogue of life with people of other faiths. "We must not forget that the people here in Asia are hungry for God."
| 17/11/2020
by Fady Noun
Despite its limitations, Lebanon’s example provides a model for divided societies, like France torn between new secularism and Islamic religious extremism, and warring Armenia and Azerbaijan and the flight of a population in tears, forced to abandon ...
| 17/11/2020
by Ati Nurbaiti
Alert levels are up for Mount Merapi in Central Java and Sinabung in North Sumatra. Many towns and villages around the volcanoes have been evacuated, but some residents resist and continue to farm and tend to their livestock. For children, distance learning ...
| 16/11/2020
The "Report on the Holy See’s Institutional Knowledge and Decision-Making Related to Former Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick (1930 to 2017) is published. Card. Parolin: "We publish the Report with sorrow for the wounds that this has caused to ...
| 11/11/2020
The center hosts 76,000 refugees who have fled Syria due to the war. The international NGO has opened a center for the treatment of mild or moderate cases, with 30 beds available. Physical distancing and compliance with hygiene standards difficult. The ...
| 07/11/2020
Fr. Lu Genjun, former vicar general of the diocese, also forcibly removed. The incident occurred only a short time after the renewal of the provisional agreement between China and the Vatican. The bishop of Baoding, Msgr. Giacomo Su Zhimin has been missing ...
| 06/11/2020
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