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by Shafique Khokhar
Thanks to the generosity of some AsiaNews readers, 52 families were helped to pay off their debt to kiln owners who had forced them to work as slaves. Now their children can go to school and are no longer forced to pay for their parents' debt. Some ...
| 03/03/2021
Hong Kong authorities want to strike a blow at pro-democracy moderates, says Ernest Ng, expert in public policy. The 47 are back in court tomorrow. Freedom of association and the right to organise under International Labour Convention have been violated. ...
| 03/03/2021
The Papal visit bears three messages: hope, peace and coexistence and it is a “dream come true". A thank you to the Yazidis for their support over the years. Sunni Muslim: "We want to pray together with Christians", a stimulus from the Pope "to ...
| 03/03/2021
To participate in the major pilgrimage, it will be "mandatory" to demonstrate immunization. Doubts about the presence of faithful from abroad. Riyadh started the vaccination campaign on December 17. Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost 380 thousand ...
| 02/03/2021
by Francis Khoo Thwe
Mya Thwate Thwate Kaing died yesterday after being wounded by police in Naypyidaw. The United Kingdom imposes sanctions on three generals; Canada on nine officials. The United States, India, Japan and Australia are demanding a quick return to democracy. ...
| 20/02/2021
by Wang Zhicheng
The church was built in 2000, with all the permits and praise of the local authorities. There are two reasons for the destruction: the land’s commercial value and erasing the "showy" symbolism of the religious building. The policy of "sinicization" ...
| 19/02/2021
Zdeněk Hřib targeted for having twinned with Taipei and supporting Tibetan dissidents. “No cost” for my commitment to Taiwan and Tibet. China is an “unreliable” trading partner. Alarm raised over Chinese lobbying campaigns in ...
| 11/02/2021
by Francis Khoo Thwe
Buddhist monks in Pegu and Pakokku pray and march to protect the people from darkness. In Kengtung, Christians in procession with the statue of Our Lady. In Mandalay, the bishop's evening of prayer with priests and sisters. The religious of Saint ...
| 11/02/2021
Myanmar protests: woman shot dead
Myanmar: Police beating medics
VANGELO 28 Febbraio
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