by Fady Noun

For some, the future lies with an alliance between Gulf states and Egypt. However, deep cleavages are an obstacle to the goal of unity. The Arab League and existing states have proven a failure. The Iranian obsession and the nationalist attitude belong to the past. Wars, economics and democracy are challenges whose solutions must come from within.

| 18/04/2018
by Kamel Abderrahmani

Muslims in Europe have the right to build mosques and practise their faith in peace, whilst Christians in Algeria do not. The law on non-Muslim worship hangs like a permanent sword over the head of the Protestant Church of Algeria. Christians are forced to rent places to worship whilst building owners are threatened and intimidated by the authorities.

| 18/04/2018
by Melani Manel Perera

Twelve Sri Lankan groups signed the letter. At least six million people regularly use Facebook on the island. The letter demands action to protect personal data and prevent another Cambridge Analytica scandal.

| 18/04/2018

Arrested in January 2017, the clergymen were held for helping journalists document an airstrike against a Catholic church. In October they were convicted for alleged affiliation with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). Fighting between the latter and government forces has recently intensified. UN official Ursula Mueller calls the Kachin situation “a forgotten humanitarian crisis".

| 18/04/2018

Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation organises a meeting to mark its 25th anniversary. “The challenge of generating and sustaining growth with equity is not just a challenge for the moralist. It is the task of economists and policy makers to develop and test new models of economic growth that will generate equity,” said Bishop Diarmuid Martin, archbishop of Dublin.

| 18/04/2018

Francis launches fresh appeal for Alfie Evans and Vincent Lambert. Baptism "is the beginning of a process that allows one to live united to Christ in the Church". This is why it is important to remember the day of our baptism and to teach children to make the sign of the cross well. Encouragement for the World Bank to promotes the life of the poor through financial inclusion.

| 18/04/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

A mass was celebrated on the Aurora, the cruiser linked to the first fundamental moments of the Bolshevik revolution. "Orthodox faith can reconcile people who have different ideas, and who belong to different social groups".

| 18/04/2018

New rules come into effect on 1st May. The goal is to boost the tourism industry with horse racing, gambling, casinos. A free trade port is also planned.

| 18/04/2018

Serž Sargsyan, president of the country for the past 10 years, has been elected premier, according to a reform built by himself, to continue to govern. "The people have been mocked". The demonstrations led by the opposition leader, Nikol Pashinian.

| 18/04/2018

The goal of the Saudis is to participate in an international force with the aim of "stabilizing" the country. For the Saudi Foreign Minister, the proposal is not "a new fact". Trump would like to create an Arab force to replace the US military on the ground. Today the inspectors of the OCCW are ready to visit Douma.

| 18/04/2018

American sources report meeting. It is the first high-level encounter between the two countries since 2000. The Washington-Pyongyang summit is essential for peace on the peninsula.

| 18/04/2018
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