About 328,000 hectares are under opium cultivation, enough to produce 550 to 900 tonnes of heroin, at a value of US$ 6.6 billion. In the south four villages in five are involved in production, with 354,000 people working in the harvest as a way out of rural poverty. Opium finances rebel forces and destabilises the region.

| 23/05/2018
by Melani Manel Perera

People protest because of the rising cost of basic goods, power shortages, and racial hatred. "People expect quick, fair and practical solutions to the burning issues of the day,” said one observer. Ordinary Sri Lankans are generally peaceful, using protest as a last resort. Violent reactions are due to frustrations caused by unmet demands and broken promises.

| 23/05/2018

Around 8 am on 25 August, ARSA attacked the village of Ah Nauk Kha Maung Seik, killing 20 men, 10 women and 23 children, 14 of whom under 8. All 46 inhabitants of the village of Ye Bauk Kyar have also disappeared. Some 99 people are thought to have been killed. Myanmar complains about the failure of the international community to condemn the violence.

| 23/05/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

Delegations from different countries take part in workshop that confronted them with local communities and humanitarian issues. Local government officials also took part in the event. The emigration of husbands allowed local women to become key players in local business endeavours. The Church has human and spiritual development programmes for them.

| 23/05/2018

Msgr. Couto called for prayer and fasting ahead of  2019 general elections. In India religious minorities are increasingly targeted by Hindu nationalist radicals. Secretary of the Episcopal Conference: "Prayer is the main road".

| 23/05/2018

China accuses the NGO’s president Dolkun Isa of terrorism and separatism. The latter has been in exile since 1997. For US Ambassador, the UN should not indulge China’s Islamophobia; there is no evidence in Beijing's accusations.

| 23/05/2018

The most critical situation in the north-west. Almost 17 thousand air raids on the country in three years. In December, in the Saada governorate alone, 541 attacks. MSF operators have treated 7,000 people, of whom 44% are children under five and 41% are women. Terminally ill have difficult access to medical care or treatments.

| 23/05/2018

Appeal of Francis on the eve of the feast of the Our Lady of Sheshan. Confirmation, the "gift" with which "Christ is to fill us with his Spirit, consecrating us as his witnesses, sharing in the same principle of life and mission, according to the plan of the heavenly Father". "Christian witness consists in doing only and all that the Spirit of Christ asks of us, granting us the strength to do it".

| 23/05/2018

The French appeal judges reject his lawyers request for release on bail. The prison regime is compatible with his illness and the necessary treatment. Judges believe there is a risk of his fleeing, a recurrence of the crime and pressure on the victims. The campaign promoted for his release is losing supporters.

| 23/05/2018

The disease is located in Kerala and is among the eight most lethal infectious diseases in the world, capable of causing epidemics like Ebola and Zika. It is transmitted through the saliva and urine of fruit bats. The victims include a young nurse who refused to leave infected patients in their final hours of life.

| 23/05/2018

Confident the summit will go ahead as planned. Pyongyang has not changed its mind, but seeks guarantees for its security. Trump ensures prosperity in the North in the event of an agreement. North Korea accepts South Korean journalists, to witness the destruction of the site.

| 23/05/2018
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by Kamel Abderrahmani
Baghdad wants to hang eleven French and one Tunisian nationals. Their fate has sparked a debate. Paris has confirmed that it has taken steps to prevent the sentence from being implemented. French lawyers have signed an appeal against their execution. ...
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The Myitstone dam would be the first to block the Irrawaddy River, the cradle of Myanmar civilization.  Beijing presses for the reopening of construction works.  The Kachin community is fighting to cancel the project. Card  Charles Maung ...
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Beijing wants the law to be approved "urgently" to allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to China. However, Chinese courts are not independent, and provide no guarantees for the human rights of the accused or for his right to a fair trial. Card ...
| 07/06/2019
For the end of Ramadan, the government is opening the area to the public. This is a "political" message for a "new era". For the Auxiliary of Baghdad, security has "improved" but must be guaranteed to everyone.
| 06/06/2019
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