Allegations of vote tampering and fraud hover over Iraq’s elections following an intelligence investigation of the electronic machines used in voting. Several candidates have filed appeals. Multi-ethnic (and oil-rich) Kirkuk is among the disputed areas. An electoral commission is set to examine reports and documents related to the electoral process.

| 25/05/2018
by Kamran Chaudhry

The vandalism took place in the city of Sialkot. For years, Sunnis wanted the demolition of the centre, opposing its renovation. For Catholic clergyman, "It is very sad that neither the prime minister nor the president visited the Ahmadis after the attack. We condemn violence against anyone and express our solidarity with the persecuted community.”

| 25/05/2018

The risks include radioactive dust from three nuclear power plants in southern China, damages to a dyke on the Red River, as well as fires, explosions and collapses affecting about 1,600 obsolete apartment buildings. Authorities also fear the fall of an elevated trains on city streets.

| 25/05/2018

In the first quarter of the year, ticket sales reached 20.2 billion yuan (about US.17 billion) against US.85 billion in North America’s (US and Canada).

| 25/05/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

One of the main difficulties that hinders the nuns’ work is the lack of necessary professional qualifications. For four days, the women religious discussed various legal issues with experts and professionals. For Sister Kristina Fransiska, "The goal is to have a shared perception and standard operating procedures".

| 25/05/2018

We must not focus, like these doctors do, on [the answer] "Yes, you can" divide a marriage, or "No, you can’t."  At times there is misfortune, when it doesn't work, and it is better to separate in order to avoid a world war. But this is a misfortune. Let us go and look at the positive.

| 25/05/2018

In an interview with the "Eco di Bergamo", Francis says that Pope John was a man and a saint "who did not know the word enemy ", who "always sought what unites", aware that "the Church is called to serve man as such and not only Catholics; to defend above all and everywhere the rights of the human person and not only those of the Catholic Church".

| 25/05/2018

The president of the Indian bishops meets Rajnath Singh after the polemics raised by the pastoral letter of the archbishop of Delhi. The prelate criticized because he invites prayer and fasting in view of the 2019 elections. The most important movement of lay Catholics joins the initiative of Msgr. Couto and asks all bishops to follow his example.

| 25/05/2018

The missile fired by the 53rd Anti-aircraft missile Brigade, based in Kursk in Russia. All 298 passengers and crew members, many of them from the Netherlands, lost their lives in the air disaster. The Russian government has repeatedly denied any involvement. Those responsible will be tried in the Netherlands.

| 25/05/2018

The delegates from Iran, Europe, China and Russia meet today in the Austrian capital. This is the first meeting between the signatory countries after Washington's decision to cancel the JCPOA. The IAEA experts confirm (once again): Teheran respects the agreements. Uranium reserves under 300 kg.

| 25/05/2018

Trump's decision is not "consistent with humanity's desire for peace and stability in the world". Seoul, "very perplexed" by the decision, promises to continue efforts to follow up on April agreement. Puzzlement and concern of the international community.

| 25/05/2018
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Out of 12 small groups, five are in favour, four against, three others would leave the decision to the Pope or to a universal synod. There is agreement over environmental problems and the violence endured by indigenous people. The contribution of women ...
| 18/10/2019
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