by J.B. An Dang

The opening ceremonies took place in Sở Kiện, The Ba Giồng, and in the shrine of Our Lady of La Vang. About 20,00 Catholics took part in the solemn Mass of the Ecclesiastical Province of Hà Nội. The faithful remember the heroic history of the Vietnamese Church. Almost 500 years ago the first cross was planted. About 300,000 people died during the various waves of persecution.

| 20/06/2018

Pope Francis chose “welcome, protect, promote and integrate” migrants as the theme of this year’s World Refugee Day. Currently, there are 68.5 million refugees worldwide. The Jesuit Refugee Service launches the "4 words to open the world" campaign.

| 20/06/2018

Pope Francis is hopeful about relations with China, which are not just based on diplomatic talks but also on cultural exchanges and friendship. For him, Card Zen is "a little scared".

| 20/06/2018

One hundred families went back to the eastern sector of the northern metropolis. A Chaldean priest talks about reconstruction. In addition to houses, social and economic life must be rebuilt. For Muslim leaders, there is no rebirth without Christians.

| 20/06/2018

"From the beginning, the Tempter wants to deceive man and woman", convincing them that "God forbade them the fruit of the tree of good and evil to keep them submissive. The challenge is this: the first rule that God has given to man, is it the imposition of a despot who prohibits and compels, or is it the love of a father who is taking care of his children? ".

| 20/06/2018

On World Refugee Day, AsiaNews offers testimonies from the Jesuit Refugee Service. For thousands of refugees, Jesuit centers represent salvation, against hunger and illiteracy. The two faces of refugees: hope and despair, happiness mixed with rage at the suffering of the Syrian conflict.

| 20/06/2018

Antonio Guterres in Oslo: "If migration is a necessity, then it is better to organize and regulate it. It is important for countries to cooperate with each other ". Meanwhile, the migration crisis continues in the Mediterranean and on the border between the US and Mexico.

| 20/06/2018

In the country a spirit of coexistence, accepting others and those who are different, is missing. African refugees are in a legal "limbo". Christian migrants are pained by the rejection of the "Country of Jesus, the Gospel and the Bible". Many in Israel help, but "these" many "must be multiplied, because they are a drop in the bucket.”

| 20/06/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

13,800 refugees arrived this year in the country, mostly Afghans, Pakistanis, Iranians, Iraqis, Ethiopians, Sri Lankans and citizens of Myanmar. "We are facing an urgent humanitarian issues". The Archdiocese of Jakarta responds to the emergency in the overcrowded Cengkareng asylum center.

| 20/06/2018
by Paul Wang

In four days, Shanghai fell 6%, a two year minimum. Hong Kong and Seoul also mark losses. Trump's threats weigh on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese export products. But the problem remains Chinese state debt. The assurances of Yi Gang and the injection of new liquidity.


| 20/06/2018

Israeli army says the Palestinian extremist movement launched at least 45 cross-border missiles overnight. Seven were intercepted by the Israeli defense system. Since the beginning of the violence there have been 132 victims among the Palestinians, none among the Israelis. The UN agency for Palestinians suspends payment of salaries and humanitarian operations due to lack of funds.


| 20/06/2018
Vatican, canonization Mass of St. Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan
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