Peace Now activist speaks about the situation. For days, Palestinians have been flying fire kites into Israel. For UNRWA spokesperson, collective punishments will negatively affect an already desperate population.

| 12/07/2018

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the action. The opposition is accused of trying to discredit the government's conciliatory approach to China in the South China Sea dispute. Two years ago, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled that Beijing had no title to the disputed waters.

| 12/07/2018

Delivering humanitarian aid remains a problem. US sanctions are the most restrictive, expert says. Applications for relief on humanitarian grounds are possible but can take months. For the founder of the Eugene Bell Foundation, sanctions “invariably affect the most vulnerable”.

| 12/07/2018
by Kamran Chaudhry

During sessions, topics that could create tensions are forbidden. The spouses sit side by side, even if the Islamic tradition does not approve of closeness between men and women. Nadia's story: "I was fighting with God because of my daughter's illness, but now I found consolation".

| 12/07/2018

The authorities are stifling protests against mining in Yulshul. Locals complain that the reported road building is actually mining and are afraid that it will pollute and devastate the environment. Protesters also complain about the corruption associated with the operations.

| 12/07/2018

Attempts to coopt older lamas and exploit internal divisions to counteract the influence of the Tibetan government in exile. The United Front could try to apply similar tactics to religions other than Buddhism.

| 12/07/2018

Located in Papua, the mine is one of the largest in the world. Negotiations between the government and the US giant FMCG lasted about three and a half years. According to local sources, the total value of the operation is around US$ 4 billion.

| 12/07/2018

The biggest problem is in the south, in Basra. Tanker truck ready to head into town to supply the population. Emergency sparked by Turkish dams and other energy projects on the Tigris and Euphrates. Minister for Water Resources: the problem concerns "all regions of Iraq".

| 12/07/2018

The friend and dissident Liao Yiwu reports latest news. Unlikely that she will not be present at the ceremony in memory of her husband, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, scheduled for tomorrow. Her path to recovery could be very long.

| 12/07/2018

The data issued by World Bank. In 2017, India's gross domestic product reached 2,597 billion dollars, while France’s stopped at 2,582 billion. The country has reacted well to the negative repercussions of the rupee ban. In 2018, economic growth will be 7.4%.

| 12/07/2018

The Israeli air force hit stations in Damascus, causing extensive damage. Response to Syrian drone crossing into Israeli territory. Navigation on Tiberias lake blocked. Government offensive underway in area against an Islamic State stronghold.

| 12/07/2018
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by Sergio Ticozzi
For the PIME missionary, the document released yesterday answers some of the perplexities of conscience of many Chinese priests. But it fails to realise the deep restrictions, which undermine the Catholic faith, to which the Church in China is subjected. ...
| 29/06/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera
A document released by the Fujian authorities requires parish priests and religious personnel to ban minors from church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; to curb any momentum of evangelization. Meanwhile, the "Global Times" celebrates ...
| 25/06/2019
The diplomatic and commercial war between Tehran and Washington is bringing the population to its knees. Inflation has multiplied the price of consumer goods. People point the finger at the inefficiency and incompetence of government officials. But US ...
| 25/06/2019
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